Friday, October 08, 2004

Getting better by the day!

Happy Friday everyone. The weekend is here and Hallelujah to that! I am so grateful for the weekend after the crappy week I have had. I have actually been pretty blessed this week and shouldn't refer to it as crappy. Both Christopher and I are banged up and we could have had it so much worse. God is good for sure! I am getting much better from my "run over by car" mishap. I am healing slowly but surely and limping less every day. I have the privelage of living in a house with a lot of steps so I kind of have to suck it up and deal or I don't eat, leave, or anything else for that matter. Luckily I have my own bathroom downstairs so that's a plus!

When getting hit by the car, I must have left the petty cash pouch from work in the cart and someone took it because it's missing. I basically lost about $43.00 and that doesn't make me very happy. Gary is very understanding about the whole mess but I feel horrible about it. Things at work are going ok and I am trying to play catch up from a few horrible weeks. I had a week of bronchitis and now this week! Enough said there!

Christopher leaves on Monday for Astrocamp so I am sure he is getting excited. We are in a very crucial time since they want his book report in, have astrocamp, and working on a billion things at Richmond. Overall I am looking forward to a vacation in December when I get to see all of my Indy peeps!

Today I watched a friend of mine struggle with something quite difficult. She is a married woman and she is dealing with an issue in her husband's spirituality/maturity level and I was watching with awe as she handled the situation so godly and efficiently. There is nothing harder than trying to speak in tones of love to a man who you know so well yet need to get a point across. I wanted to let her know in here (you know who you are!) that I admire your courageous, godly motivation to be all that God intends for you to be.

I learned quite a bit today about myself. I think the major lesson is that I am terribly scared of everyone. I am terrified that everyone will find fault with me so God has made it where I have to fail but not due to myself ...circumstances. I think this is a great experience for me and is teaching me multitudes. I just want to thank everyone for their prayers. I appreciate them and I love you all so much. Have a great weekend and learn something about you! I am going to the rodeo this weekend. Please pray I don't get run over by a bull :) ha ha ~Shalom~

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