Sunday, October 03, 2004

75% Healthy

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope this blog finds you all doing great and having better health than myself. I can't complain because I feel a lot better than before. I woke up today and just had a better hold on things. I have had a runny nose all day but that is the extent of my discomfort. I did have a terrible cough and sore throat and that has left, Thank God! I love when you start feeling better but it's funny how you want to do a lot with your day and you just don't have the energy.

Today was grocery shopping day and as sick as it is, I love it. I find it a personal challenge to be able to take $120.00 and get through 2 weeks of eating. I work as a live in nanny and buying the groceries is one of my responsibilities and it's one I really enjoy. I love clipping coupons, organizing a menu, and seeing it to completion at the check out stand. I also love preparing meals and organizing a kitchen. Who knew I was so domestic? I think that is the word Joel used the other day, DOMESTIC?! He then said something evil about babies...plural...and I almost died! He has a great sense of humor that Joel.

I find it so fulfilling to clean up the kitchen after a meal and see it look great, do laundry, and do "motherly" things. I don't know if everyone knows this but I have been struggling for some time with the idea of someday being a mother. I kinda always thought I wasn't "cut out" for it. I thought I wasn't particulary prepared for it. I didn't feel like I had those "maternal instincts" we all hear about and it worried me, as most things do. I have come to the knowledge in the last three months that I COULD do this mom gig and I might actually be good at it! I am still waiting on the Lord for that final decision but it's more comforting to think about now.

So, I really wanted to write every time I blog about something I am learning about myself and today I am going to write about WORRY. I know that is a word that a lot of women struggle with. Now, that is not saying that ALL women worry but I think we do it a lot more than men do. I think that we naturally are nurturers and that leads us to worry about others, about things getting done, and mostly about our futures. I am trying to look things in the face and realize that there are some things I just can't control and they aren't worth my worry. This parallels spiritually with trust in the Lord and his divine touch in my life. I hope this leads you all to think.

Have a great day everyone and ~Shalom~

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