Tuesday, October 05, 2004

When a day gets blown! What do you learn?

Hello everyone. This tuesday has been interesting to say the VERY least. Today was a horrible no good very bad day! I am still praising God through it but it was just miserable. First of all, my last night was absolutely wonderful. I should note that! I love being able to do something I love more than anything all the way through the night. That being said, my alarm didn't wake me up this morning and I was late getting Christopher to school. I had to wait the morning away for the Handyman to come and fix my closet door. That went rather well and I was able to handle that without a hitch. Then the pieces started crumbling. Christopher hurt his nose very badly today and we spent much of our afternoon at the hospital. It was pretty ugly and now I am trying to catch up on sleep while battling literally the biggest headache I have had in months. That is a reader's digest version of the hassle of today. It was ugly!

Today I wanted to write about what I learned through a really rough day and this is what I came up with. The joy of having something you really want could be coupled with a terrible day afterward and it really doesn't take the joy out of what first had your heart. I still am finding Joy in the incredible knowledge of God showing me things I never knew. I am happy to report that although I am severely challenged in my life right now, I have never been happier. I am learning something new every single day about the Lord and others and loving with everything that is within in. How amazing is that? I have learned that truly there is nothing like obeying the Lord. NOTHING.

Thanks for stopping in today and I apologize for my brevity. I have a terrible headache and really need to get to bed. Have a great Wednesday everyone and tune in for more learning in the days to follow. ~Shalom~

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