Saturday, March 19, 2005

All by myself

Since it's Saturday, I will start the post by reporting that I lost a pound this week and I weighed in at 236 lbs. I am excited and hoping that the scales continue to move!

Have you noticed that when you are alone, you have all of these plans to be very productive and it ends up, you just enjoy the alone time? That has been my case for the last few days. On Friday morning Richard left for a lil vacation for the weekend. I was left with the house and it's been so pleasant. On Friday I just chilled at the house and did things like work on Joel's birthday present, cleaned my room, read, and other little things and then had a date in the evening. It went really well and we had a great time and hung out a little at the house!

Today I had a morning date and then have just chilled and enjoyed the alone time. I took a little nap in the living room and it was peaceful and just ate hummus and pita bread to my heart's content. That is my new passion by the way..HUMMUS! :) I love that stuff. I have done laundry, worked on Joel's present, talked to folks on the phone, and just chilled. I am looking forward to some time with a friend tonight with a movie or two. Hopefully we just have a fun time and get to hang out and enjoy each other.

I have learned over the span of months the value of alone time and I really have been able to soak it up with Richard gone. I would love to just get away by myself to a bed and breakfast for a few days. That sounds like a treat to me. I wish I had the $$$ to do it and just go somewhere peaceful for a little retreat! Anyone have any ideas?

Well that's my piece of knowledge for the day. I need to go and make my bed as I just washed the sheets and pillow cases. Don't you love a fresh bed? I also have dishes to do, a grocery list to construct, and a few books I would love to delve into. Off to alone time. Have a pleasant Saturday Evening!

Here are my learning and thankfulness for the last few days:

Learning March 17, 2005:

1. I love St. Patrick's Day because I have big green eyes and they come in handy. I woregreen anyway but oh well.

2. Heather Barrington is a fun lunch date and I enjoy time with her. We are just able to talk and talk and the time flies. I am lucky to have her.

3. Sometimes leaving something you know really well is a good experience and can teach you extraordinary things about yourself.

4. Telling someone a really deep secret can feel freeing and also help you to see the good and bad in the decision.

5. Talking about people in your life can help you realize their worth and how much you miss them!

Learning March 18, 2005:

1. Massage therapy has a lot of facets to it and it's something I would really like to learn.

2. I learned that Vin Diesel is Puerto Rican. God bless that Puerto Rico!

3. The part of my knee that is messed up is the Miniscus...I guess that is how you spell it but it is at the bottom of my knee and the cartlidge is all messed up.

4. Hummus is one of my favorite foods! :)

5. Sometimes chillin with someone unexpected can really lighten your mood and help you see what you are missing in life.

Thankfulness March 17, 2005:

I am thankful for time with my friend Heather. She made me a great lunch and provided me with great conversation. I learned a lot about her life and find that she makes wise choices and she deserves all of the happiness that God is giving her. I have so much faith in what God has for Heather and I am thankful that she is in my life! :) Thanks for a great day Heather and I love you girl :) Thanks for listening to my story!

Thankfulness March 18, 2005:

I am thankful for a massage. I know that sounds strange but I had a massage and it was glorious. My knee has been in constant pain for as long as I can remember...going on about 2-3 years now. I have lost a lot of weight and it's changed the balance of my body therefore creating some stress on my knee. I have osteoarithritis in my right knee and it can really bug me! I had a total rub down and my life is great today. My knee is just happy! I am looking forward to getting it in better shape and having more pain free days. God, thank you for a massage! :)


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