Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shoulders are essential

Have you ever pinched a nerve in your neck/shoulder area? Well, I did recently. Today I am in a world of pain because at some point, I messed up my shoulder. I am going to be spending most of my day in bed with a heating pad on my left side. I am going to get a book out and just veg. I know that later in the day I will be running around with Chris so now is the time to rest and relax my neck. This little pain made me realize how essential shoulders and neck really are in your life.

I started my day out by trying to get out of the bed and realizing the extreme pain I was in. I had a stressful day yesterday and I think maybe I tensed up. Well, I began to make breakfast which is also a challenge with the limited capacity of moving your neck in one direction. It's amazing how much you use your neck and shoulders in a day.

Overall, I really don't feel well enough to sit in front of the computer and tell you all my life lesson today other than the essential nature of the neck. I need a massage today more than I ever have. My plan for the afternoon is to down some advil, cuddle up in my bed with a heating pad and read a book. Please say a prayer for my poor body as it's really under attack. Also, I would like to ask you all for prayer regarding my finances. I am currently taking a huge step and trying to refinance my car in the hopes of helping my budget and paying some bills off in collections and it would be a huge miracle if anyone would offer me the loan I need ($4,000). Please pray as I hate doing this but also really need to. Have to be a responsible adult ya know!?

Well, I should get back into bed and have some lunch so please have a great day and sorry this wasn't deeper today. Please lift your prayers up. I need them. Learning and thankfulness ahead!

Learning March 21, 2005:

1. I care about Richard and get concerned when I think he is hurt.

2. Raising a child is not something I have ever thought I was good at but I am one heck of a parent now days.

3. Piano is much more feasible when you have a great teacher like Miss Hannah Stanton!

4. I am a great grocery shopper and accomplish much with what I have.

5. I manage a household pretty well. I wish God would trust me with a husband now. Wait, I never said I would be a good wife though huh?

Thankfulness March 21, 2005:

I am thankful that Richard got home safely after a weekend trip where I had no idea when he would be back. He got back at midnight or so last night and I wasn't sure he was ok. I am grateful that God brought him home safely!

Thanks for stopping in and ~Shalom~

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