Monday, March 14, 2005

Hurry up and wait Erica....

Today's post is going to be about an unpleasant subject. WAITING! We all hate that word. We hate waiting in every circumstance. Ours is a society where waiting doesn't have to happen. We have microwaves so there is no waiting on dinner. We have freeways so there is no waiting on traffic...oh wait....yes we do wait on the freeway! :) Anyway, we have books on tape so we don't have to wait to read the book to know the ending. We have express lanes at the grocery store so we don't have to wait on the people with kids to get through the line. (I am one of those people with kids now!)

Waiting is hardly ever seen as a opportunity but rather as an inconvenience. Today, I am going to tell you why waiting is an opportunity. Do I do it perfectly? NO! Do I even do it well?? NO! Either way, I am doing it and it's not all bad. God has had me in a place of waiting for over a year. I have been waiting on numerous things. I have been waiting on my man (and this could take several more years). I have been waiting on my weight loss while working extra hard. I have been waiting on friendships to be reconciled. I have been waiting on a certain man to notice me on a new level (could be impossible). I have been waiting on a new job and my life to come together. I have been waiting on healing from brokenness. I have been waiting on so much I am almost more comfortable with waiting now..than I am with receiving!

I sit today with all of these areas still on hold. I am still sitting on the phone with God with Michael Bolton playing in my ear with constant interruptions that say " Did you know there are ways to wait even longer...try our website at and you'll get even slower answers." HA HA ...Gosh, I am a witty chick! :)

Anyway, today I want to tell you what I am learning through this waiting process. I am learning the following from waiting....

1. I am learning that God loves me so much that he will sharpen me in any way possible even if it takes him time.

2. I am learning that God's always the ultimate in happiness and satisfaction.

3. I am learning that I love myself and am going to take the time to really wait on things that God has.

4. I am learning that each day is only 24 hours and if I spend it griping about what I am waiting on..I don't see what I have.

5. I am learning I have the best friends that God has ever made.

6. I am learning that I have great family and they understand waiting too.

7. I am learning that I have desires and hobbies that would not have been explored if I wasn't waiting.

8. Mostly, I am learning that waiting doesn't kill makes me stronger!

Anyway, I hope that today as you wait....either on your White chocolate mocha at Starbucks or on something as huge as healing of will remember...waiting can be good! Thanks for stopping in everyone and wait with grace!

Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning March 13, 2005:

1. Napolean Dynamite is freaking hilarious and every line gets funnier by the day.

2. I have grown to really like Eminem..even though he is an angry guy...he's entertaining.

3. I have really great qualities that attract great people...look at my friends! All of you are just beautiful!

4. I like the anticipation of a busy week and feeling purpose in my life.

5. Christopher's smile is absolulutely priceless to me when I miss him!

Thankfulness March 13, 2005:

I am thankful that God has trusted me in such an amazing way to let me be Christopher's nanny. I am thankful that he not only got me the job but let me know such a beautiful child who has taught me immeasurable lessons. I am also thankful that he has such a great father who is my boss and who helps me see the truth in life. I am thankful that Chris is healthy and strong and growing daily. I am thankful that Chris has helped me see the truth about children and what they bring to a life. I am thankful that Chris is here and a part of my life at least for a season. Thank you GOd and thank you my lil christopher! :)


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