Sunday, March 20, 2005

Legally Blonde/Psychologically Blonde

Seldom do I venture into tv-land as I really don't enjoy television. I won't say I don't enjoy some programs like I am a "starting over" fanatic and everyone knows my passion for the sexy Dr. Phil. However, today I was home alone again and realized how little tv I watched so decided to enjoy my dinner in front of the tube. I stumbled upon "Legally Blonde" which I not only enjoy but also have a copy of. I would appreciate if you would stop laughing at my taste in good cinematic quality now! I came in on the part where Elle is just realizing that Warner doesn't really view her as a smart girl. Picture the part where she is dressed as a playboy bunny!

I began to watch this fine film and realized how it makes me feel. I am a person that constantly tries to find something to enjoy or learn in everything I do and that's hard to do with tv. If I feel like it's mindless, I usually don't engage in it. Today, I found some nuggets of wisdom from the lovely Miss Elle Woods. This movie, if you haven't seen it is about a California girl who appears to be shallow and is a fashion major. She loses her man as he goes away to Harvard Law School and goes to win him back by getting into Harvard. Now, I realize that the reality of her actually being able to get into Harvard with a video is very low but still...stay with me.

She then gets to Harvard and not only realizes that Warner is not the guy for her but also learns of her power and passion within law. A similar thing happened to me a few years ago. Most of you know that in 2001 Adolfo cancelled our long awaited wedding the day before it and at that time I was a faithful elementary education major. I should note here..I don't view elementary ed as minor or mindless before I get emails! :) Anyway, I spent the next year of pain and heartache realizing that I wasn't doing my passion and when I did come to California (for my man ultimately) I learned he was not the man for me and learned that Psychology was my passion.

Elle finds law to be her passion and the movie ends up having a very happy ending where Elle wins a law suit and also finds a new man who appreciates her values and attributes (she meets him at Harvard by the way ...anyone following this?) He is played by the gorgeous Luke Wilson. *Yes, I do find a white man appealing after all*

After watching this movie over dinner, I got my power back. As I watched it I realized that I have to start working for what I love so much. I have to get back in the books, back thinking about Grad school, back working to pay off debts in order to be in Grad School, back in the saddle so to speak! I admit it, I was completely and utterly motivated by Rees Witherspoon and a teenage girl movie!

Ok, so that being said, tomorrow is a new week and I have goals. I have to get together and start making progress in my life. I am feeling like I am desperately in need of healing, motivation, and health. I hope this little parable helps you get motivated too and get back to your real passion or find your passion. To someone out there reading this who I know wants to get out and back to their original passion: I am so proud of you for making hard choices and moving toward somethign that fulfills you! You know who you are!

Here is my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning March 19, 2005:

1. Pita Bread and Hummus fills me up and is low on calories.

2. Enjoying housework can be interesting. I put on some tunes yesterday and did dishes and laundry while dancing around the house (funny thought...I know)

3. I love clean sheets and pillow cases on my bed.

4. There is no feeling like cuddling up on the couch with a comfy blanket in your pajamas fresh out of the shower and watching Fresh Prince until you doze off.

5. I like having late night talks with certain boys. :)

Thankfulness March 19, 2005:

I am thankful for a full day alone in my house. I am thankful that I was able to get stuff done, enjoy some television, dance around while noone watched, and sang at the top of my lungs. I used to take for granted alone time and now I relish it. I am so thankful for the house to myself this weekend. It was glorious! It's good to have people back too though!!! Thank you God!


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