Thursday, March 17, 2005

missing people is excruciating!

Happy Thursday to you and today's post is not a happy one necessarily but I am not sad so no worries. Lately I have learned the value of people in my life. Missing people is a job I have had to do for 3 years now and beyond. I have lost a lot of people in my life to moves, broken relationships, and the such. I am overwhelmed with this and miss a lot of people. I have always dealt with distance and it's amazing how God trusts me with that. I wonder why he is fashioning me to be so alone in life but I thank him for it as it makes me so much stronger.

I just wanted to write today quickly and tell you all that I miss you. I know I haven't seen a lot of anyone lately so I have to be missing you! I miss talks, walks, outings, dinners, relationships, fun times, serious times, etc... I am just missing my friends and family. I love you all dearly and I am sorry the post is so short today but I thought I would just make it plain and simple. I love you all and miss you to pieces. Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning March 16, 2005:

1. There is this great teaching supply store in Fountain Valley called Lakeshore Learning Center on Brookhurst...check it's awesome if you have kids!

2. Ritalin is much cheaper than Concerta!

3. I am not really that good about my multiplication tables in the 12's. I don't think I ever learned those well. My school was satisfied through 11's.

4. Reading is really hard for little kids and it's so imperative to spend about 30 minutes in outloud reading a day. It really does increase literacy a great deal.

5. Missing my family is a hard thing for me and I feel very removed from everyone's life. Even my peeps in Cali are feeling far away right now. I feel lost and alone but God is with me!

Thankfulness March 16, 2005:

I am thankful for God's peace. Lately I have had a lot of circumstances where I should be really worried and stressed and normally would be. Luckily I have learned how to trust God and God has placed such amazing people in my path to say "Erica, it's going to be alright and we'll work it out!" I am so strapped financially and God is whispering in my ear that it will be ok. I have seen no evidence of this but I know he is bigger than my circumstances. I love you so much Lord!


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