Monday, March 21, 2005

Going out of business

This morning I went for a little drive after I dropped Christopher off at school, as I often do. I usually cruise down Jamboree and take a right onto PCH and head into Costa Mesa where I just go down Newport and get back on the freeway to my house. Just a quick little drive and I usually listen to a book on cd while I drive just because it's something to do. I noticed this morning on PCH in Newport that this little hole in the wall rug store is going out of business and I started to think about that. It had big orange and yellow signs that said "Going out of Business" and "80% off Everything." Most of you are thinking..."SO WHAT ERICA?!" Well, I am getting somewhere with this.

Everyday I try to take my daily chores or activities and learn something or think through something I haven't thought through before. Today I thought about the implications of going out of business. It's a sad thought but I started to think about the good parts of it. The sad parts are obvious like that your business failed or went under, you lose your customers as friends, you maybe lose a profit, and most likely you feel a sense of loss and grief as with anything. I am here today to talk about the great things about going out of business and try to apply it to an emotional life.

In a sense, I have went out of business. A few years ago, business as usual went like this. My week was filled with school and assignments and fun extracurricular activities like Vanguard's amazing keggers! (I am totally kidding, don't try to get my degree revoked) The weekends were spent with Adolfo doing all kinds of fun things. We would go shopping, go to the beach, watch movies, eat dinner together, I would cook dinner for him, etc... The life of a girlfriend. On Monday my week was start back over and it would all happen again. I would sell rugs as usual.

Well my life went out of business. I graduated college and don't have classes, assignments, or extracurriculars anymore. I left Adolfo because our life together wasn't happy so I lost the shopping dates, movies, cooking for someone, eating with someone, etc... All of the pleasant things about being someone's girl! I completely went out of business. I did what any other young business woman would do, I cried and grieved my business.

Today, I realized how happy I am to be out of business. I miss school but that part of my life is over and I am moving onto higher levels of education and advancing of myself. I miss Adolfo and being a girlfriend (mostly being a gf) but I don't miss fighting, worrying, crying, and mostly being completely and utterly frustrated with everything he did! It was time for my little store to roll up the carpet and call it a day!

Today, I am starting a new business. I am starting the new chapter of my life. I am working diligently to plant seeds of success for when I open my new store. My new store will consist of Graduate School in the field of clinical psychology. I will have new classes and new assignments and new projects to take my time. My new store will have a gorgeous, sweet, amazing, man of God in it who I enjoy to the fullest. (No, I have no idea who he is....yet) *You all are smiling and saying "DUH ERICA" right now!* :)

In saying this, I am in an awkward part of my business. I am in the place where you go from bank to bank trying to find a loan to open your store. I am in the process of finding a location perfect to trade my wares. I am looking for the perfect inventory and the right pricing scale. I am looking for the exact quality products that I wish to sell. I am looking for the right marketing material so people will know what's in my store. I am looking to uphold honest and moral business practices to customers will trust me! Is everyone following this or is it another mindless piece of my writing?!

Anyway, I would appreciate your prayers for my new "business" and I will be praying for those of you who are currently going out of business. It is a sad time but rather a turning over of a new leaf. Look at it as God's next business venture for you! Thank you for all of your prayers and for reading my sorted thoughts. Have a great new week and here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday!

Learning March 20, 2005:

1. Sleep is essential for me to feel right. I am getting about 6-8 hours a night now and it's priceless.

2. Southern California aggravates me because of all of the ants. Can we just get all of these ants out of here?!

3. I have mentioned to some of you that I was thinking about a move. I am not any longer thinking about a move. I am staying in California, where I belong today!

4. I fully enjoy driving a long distance and listening to a book on cd through it. I know I am mostly against these but I enjoy them in the car. If I am able to read a book..I would rather read it but this is an exception.

5. A rubber chicken is still pretty funny if you think about it! *random*

Thankfulness March 20, 2005:

I am thankful that Christopher and I enjoy each other's company. Getting him back on Sunday is always a pleasure because I have had time to miss him. I am going to make sure my own kids go and stay at friend's houses, go to camp, that I can get a break. This is probably really good for parenting. I am thankful that I make Chris laugh and we have such a good time together. Britt is usually a part of this on the phone too! Thanks God for this precious little boy!


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