Sunday, March 13, 2005

Eros versus Agape!

Tonight I come to you after a few days of R & R and I am very happy that I got some. Some days you even need to take a break from your blog. Anyway, tonights topic is Love. Love is a four letter word to some because it has hurt them so deeply. Lately I have been taking a better look at love. I have learned the difference between Eros love and Agape love. Eros love is romantic, emotional, feeling love. It's a beautiful thing and can really make you feel great inside but there is nothing that compares to Agape love. Agape love is the same kind of love that God loves us with. It's a sacrificial love!

This love is have to just do it! I am learning that it is the kind of love that I really want. I want to love someone with Eros love but I want it to go deeper than that. I am praying for that love to come about. If it does, I am game and willing to take it's hand and run with it. If it doesn't....Again...I'll wait for HIM~

Tonight, I challenge you to love the people in your life with an agape love. Love people the right way! It's so important!

Anyway, here are my learning and thankfulness for the last couple of days!

Learning March 11, 2005:

1. Some times people aren't what they seem to be.

2. I appreciate when people like my honesty and don't disrespect it.

3. I have been able to see my attractive features lately.

4. My mom taught me something cool on Friday but I forgot it!

5. I love taking a's my favorite thing.

Learning March 12, 2005:

1. Meeting new people and getting to know them can be so fun.

2. God does things in hilarious ways and you just have to wait it out and see his plan.

3. Everyone should consolidate their student loans NOW!

4. Children are such a blessing and can be great teachers in life.

5. Cheesecake can unite people. (remember golden girls?)

Thankfulness March 11, 2005:

I am thankful for meeting new people and realizing the world is made up of all types. I am thankful that people are able to share their heart with me and know that I will treat it nicely. I am thankful that they can tell me what they really feel and not be in fear of my reaction or treatment of them.

Thankfulness March 12, 2005:

I am thankful for someone new I met on Saturday. His name is Arlando and he is a cool person. He has much to bring to the table and has a million and one great characteristics. I think he is going to be an amazing man his whole life. God has blessed me with his friendship and getting to know him. I have no idea what his purpose in my life is but I am blessed by him. Thanks Arlando and thanks God :)


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