Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Back home for a while

Good evening everyone! I am happy to report I am back home for a while until Thanksgiving. I am going up to Northern California again @ Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Heather and her family. I am very excited about getting to do that as I love Heather and her family. I am so grateful to them for having me up the last couple of days. I just came home this afternoon after a great morning ride in the car with Joel. We (meaning me) had such a great time just making memories on the way back. I don't want to speak for him and say he had a great time because he might have been going crazy with me in the car. Let's be honest, I took about 14 pictures of him driving on the way back. I am quite the photo-crazed loon and he is rather photo-genic so the two go hand in hand. I am always pretty inappropriate too so I am sure he felt harassed and treated as an object. Oh well, he liked it ;)

So anyway, I had such a great time in Northern California. I saw a lot of great sites and met a lot of great people. Not to mention the amazing 10-12 hours in the car with Joel there and back. It was a great time! Be sure and stop into the web page to see the photos probably around next week because they will be all developed and loaded up.

Have you guys ever had a time in your life where you just wanted something so bad that it captiavated your every thought? I mean, I want something so badly that I think about it all the time. Now, I know you are all probably thinking it's a boy...but it's not. I have been really desiring to lose the last of this weight. I wish I could say that the "last" of the weight is a measley 10-15 lbs but it's more like 105 lbs. I am worn out from thinking about it and I am tired of seeing the extra weight in the mirror. I know that I have come a long way by losing 106 lbs now but when you have so much to lose, it's just not enough.

I am hoping that all of you reading this will say a prayer for my heart as it's very frustrated in dealing with this weight fight constantly. There are other "things" that I desire after and this weight is getting in the way of me getting those things in life. I want so badly to just take it off like a suit. I just want to wake up in the morning and not see it. I am getting kinda weepy so maybe I should shut up and get over it. Please keep me in prayer if you are reading this. I am doing really well on my eating habits, exercise, and losing the pounds but agian, just not fast enough. Please pray I stay realistic and don't lose sight of the goal. Thanks for stopping by everyone and ~Shalom~

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