Monday, August 09, 2004

Today is my 24th!!!

Hello everyone. A big giant Happy Birthday to me today! I have had an ok day so far but it's only 4:00 and I can't say I am not completely disappointed in some of the things that have went down. I had a good morning. My girls at the library took me to lunch and they all were wonderful. I had such a great time eating with them and of course they all were so thoughtful.

My friend Heather brought this giant dragon fly balloon and beautiful flowers over which was so sweet. I was also woke up this morning by a singing Jarrid and that was amazing. I love that kid! Overall things have been decent. I am glad to say my day is over at 5:00 here though and I don't have any birthday plans for the evening so um, yeah! OK, so I have to close this or I might start crying!


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