Monday, August 23, 2004

Life is a good thing..but different

Hi everyone. I am experiencing my next to last day at the library today and that is an interesting thing. I am going to miss the place but to be quite honest, I feel like God is sincerely moving me on. I love the library and have literally just LOVED my time at Vanguard as a whole but I think for at least a semester, God is going to take me new places and do new things with me. I have had a great couple of days just trying to figure out what God is doing with me and hoping to see more and more each day.

I went out with a friend last night and had dinner and God is starting to heal me in that area because this "friend" and I have had a sort of falling out. I am grateful for his friendship and am praying for even further development in our friendship. There is healing there for sure. I am really enjoying my friendships lately and I am just so blessed in that area.

Heather and I have this great idea to start having dinner nights. We are going to have one night a week where we all get together and one of us will make dinner and we will have a "family" dinner so to speak so we can keep our friendship good and our conversation great. We are hoping this will draw us all close and really help us to have a good time together. If any of you are reading this and want to be involved in our dinner nights, drop me an email and we will include you.

Well, my day has been pretty uneventful. After work I have to head over and order my closet doors from Home Depot that Joel is putting in, mail a few payments off, get some gas, and then off to Balboa Island for a run. I am tired but I need some endorphins for sure. Thanks for stopping by everyone and ~Shalom~

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