Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Finally interested again.

Happy Wednesday everyone. I am happy to say I have had a great day today. I met someone new yesterday that really interested me and I am just happy that there are interesting people left in the world. I have no idea what that means to me but either way, it's good to know they are out there. I am pleasantly surprised! I guess today would be a good day for me to talk about LOVE. I know that's a huge word and a lot of you reading it will wonder why in the heck I have chosen today to talk about it. Well, here is why:

I really believe that love is an aquired taste. I have been through a lot in my short life to know that love is real and it's mostly very fragile. There are so many different definitions for the word LOVE. There are so many ways to use the word love too. You can say you love french fries or you can say you love your husband/wife. Either way, same word. I think that's strange. I also think it's strange to say you have fallen in love. I mean, did you honestly FALL in love. NO, you chose to love someone else. On top of that, can we please take our time and get to really KNOW someone before we decide we love them. It's absolutely imperative that we know them in a way that makes certain that we can appreciate the things about the person that they themselves love about them. I have decided that when I decide to love again, it's going to be so great. I will love my man with everything I am and give all I can and I will not regret one single moment, BUT, I will also stop using that word to describe it. Yes, one day I will again say I love you to a man but when I say it, I'll know I mean it.

I will be so ready to say it because I will be waiting until appropriate and mostly, until I know that feeling is legit and not based upon limerance (word I learned in Shirley's classes) It means the "honeymoon period" of 2 years. I also will take things for what they are. I will love the little things like single roses, walks, compliments, photo opportunities, picnics, and all those other things I took for granted before "the ring" came. I will stop looking at a man and thinking to myself "I wonder what kind of husband he'll make?" and start saying "I wonder what kind of man he is?" I need to start re-evaluating the things I take to have value in life. I really do want to someday find that MAN that completes me. I think he'll be so wonderful. He'll be cute (to me), drive a car he loves, know how to fix that car he loves, be musical either in instruments or voice or just a genuine love for music, sensitive and sweet, more than willing to be attentive and romantic, passionate about things he loves and me, completely satisfied with who I am and love that I am so driven and improving on myself, honest with me and push me to greatness, and mostly, he will just captivate my heart by his love (not love for me but in general.)

Overall, these are the things that are going through my head today. You might be asking yourself, "Why today Erica?" and I would answer simply "Just because!" I have really had some thinking to do and I love being challenged to do that thinking and just reflect on things I want. Hallelujah for a clear mind. Well have a great day all and I hope you learned something. ~Shalom~

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