Monday, August 02, 2004

Northern California for the first time

Hello everyone. Today I am coming to you from good old Livermore, California. I am here seeing Heather. I love my girl and I missed her so much. I got in at about 5 a.m. and it was a great ride up here. I got to come up with my best friend in the entire world...Mr. Joel Forbes. He and I had a great time and made some memories. For all of you who are confused on what that means, I took some pictures. I intend to take some on our way back too. He is adorable and we had such a great time laughing, talking, singing, and oh, listening to so much Garth Brooks ...all of the cds ever made I think.

I will be loading all of my Northern California pictures on the web-site when I have some money to have them developed. Let's be honest, I have $22 to last me until my next paycheck. A little concerned but I have learned it's kinda fun to see how far you can get. All my bills are paid right now and that's good. I am still waiting to hear on a new job to supplement the nanny income when my library position ends so please pray for some leads to come through.

So far Nor. Cal has been loads of fun. I got in and went straight to bed clutching my phone and hoping that Joel got to Redding ok. I was worried about him since he still had about 2 and 1/2 hours after dropping me off. What an amazing man ...that Joel. I found out he was fine but by that time, it was time to get up for the day and do some stuff I had to do. Heather's friend Mike came over to go out to lunch with us. That was a blast because I really like Mike. He is a supremely nice guy! I really enjoy him. We went and had togo's for lunch and then we went to see Heather's friend Sammy. She is also nice and I met her mom.

We left at about 2:00 for San Francisco (Heather, Heather's Mom, Sammy, and myself). I was so super excited about this since I have never been there. It was really great as I got to see some awesome sights. I took some pictures so stayed tuned to the web-site to see what I saw. We ate at this seafood place right on the water and it was great and the whole day was wonderful.

We came back to Livermore and met some of Heather's friends for Ice Cream. I really liked them all. I was so exhausted though that I kinda lost my spunk for the night. In saying that, I need to close this post and get some shut-eye. I am trying to take care of myself and get enough sleep so I think this is going to be it for tonight. The plans for tomorrow are to meet Heather's brothers and unsure of what else. Until tomorrow my friends, ~Shalom~

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