Thursday, August 05, 2004

Saddness rears its ugly head

Have you ever had a day where you thought through some things and just got REALLY sad? I am having one of those days. I am really trying to focus on the new, good things in my life but instead I keep thinking about things I have lost. I keep thinking about lost friendships, not being in college anymore, lost people just by moving on, and of course missing my family. I am also thinking about financial matters, my birthday ALONE, and the loss of dreams. I really need a pick me up today and I am not sure what it is going to take.

I am really kinda nervous about the job predicament so that might be the major reasoning for this mood I am in. I am very nervous that I won't find a job in the next two weeks and I will not be ok. I have just recently broken free from having anyone help me and to be completely honest, it feels wonderful. The only problem is, it is very nerve racking when you think you might not be able to handle that. I am just really having a difficult time finding my way right now.

I had a very interesting conversation with my boss last night and it ended up that things are a bit sticky in his life. I am sure that he is going to be ok but seriously, I am worried about his heart and well-being right now. I am not quite sure of everything about him but I certainly am learning more about him daily. Chris still isn't staying with us so I miss his cute little face. I am very excited to start being in his daily life and helping him become a little man. It will be a fun time for sure.

I am hoping my next day in life gets a little more positive as this is kinda sad. Thanks for stopping in and ~Shalom~

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