Saturday, August 21, 2004

Totally bummed is sad right now

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping in to my blog but I am warning you that life is throwing some curve balls right now and I am kinda sad for others and myself. I found out yesterday that my friend Heather's mom has a brain tumor. They said they could actually remove it with surgery so please pray for a safe recovery for her although she is a spiritual giant and I just know that God is going to take care of her no matter what.

Today (in a smaller scale drama) I got on the scales to find myself 2 lbs heavier. I know that last week was kinda weird because I lost 4 lbs so I was unsure if maybe I would gain a little this week and sure enough, I did. It really bummed me out and got me feeling nervous about ever meeting my goal. I was so sad that I literally had a breakdown with my friend Joel. I am just worried that I might not ever make my goal because of my metabolism and disease. I am just not taking that as an answer though and I am going to just push through and hope for the best.

I am really considering applying for graduate school in the spring. That wasn't the original plan. The plan was to sit out at least a year and try to pay some bills off before grad school but I am feeling the pull to get the Masters done. My other goal is of course to get my finances figured out and I am seriously trying to be obedient in all financial aspects.

Well I have plans tonight with my friend Heather. We are going to watch Josh play soccer so I should get going and go home and have some dinner. Tomorrow I have plans with another friend and I am working on getting my computer up and running again at home so hopefully there will be no break in the blogging just because of not having a computer available. I promise that tomorrow I will update the web-page in all of the aspects that it needs updating in.

I should note on here that I just called Heather's mom to tell her I was praying and loving her and she seemed really upbeat and doing well. She seems to be very positive in God's power and also in the Dr.'s knowledge. Thanks so much in advance for any prayers you direct her way. Have a great day all and ~Shalom~

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