Friday, August 27, 2004

wow, it's been awhile

Sorry to my blogging public. I stopped working at the library on Tuesday and since then I haven't even been on the internet to check email much less blog. I am really having a hard time finding a job to take over the library position and that's making me very nervous. I could really use your prayers right now as I am very nervous about meeting my needs. (BILLS)

My weight loss endeavors were abruptly injured last week with a weigh in of 226 which was 2 lbs up. I was so nervous and it really hurt me in the sense of motivation and determination but I am hoping to at least lose those 2 this week. I am weighing in tomorrow morning but not sure I will be able to get on the internet. I will tell you all how it's going though I promise.

Tonight I am going to hang out with a close girl-friend of mine. It's really important that we spend time together and talk as it's a very crucial time in my personal and spiritual life and hers too. Please pray that I keep my head on spiritually as things are coming to a very hard impasse right now.

I need to get off as my time today is limited. I am going for a RUN on the beach. Yes, I do run and it's exhilirating and absolutely calms me at the same time. Have a great day all and ~Shalom~

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