Monday, August 16, 2004

Happy Monday everyone!

Hey everyone. It's Monday again so that means a clean, fresh start for a week. I know that is looking at it pretty positively but when you have had a long day like have to do something. I got up this morning and headed to work for some of the day. I had to get home for lunch at 2:00 and then back to work until 4:30. We (me, Pam, Heather, and Judy) all went over and decorated our table for the kidnap the RA breakfast tomorrow morning for floor moms. We did a really good job and our table is quite festive. Our floor's theme is "Dream Team" so it is all patriotic and sporty. Pretty cute if you ask me.

After work I had to go and pick Chris up from the Boys and Girls Club. He was especially ADD today and almost made me insane. I was making dinner and he was playing Mario party and literally reciting every sound the game made and yelling "OH BABY" at the screen when he would win a mini-game. Parenting is looking like less and less of an option these days. ha ha I made some grilled steak, corn on the cob, and peaches for dinner so it became apparent when Chris sat down at the table that he has braces. I forgot when making corn on the cob so he really couldn't eat that. Oh well, he didn't complain. After that his dad got home and took him to see Bourne Supremecy. It looks good and I am sure they will have fun. They need father/son time anyway!

My day is going to have to end early tonight as I have to be up at literally 6:00 am for that breakfast. I am not so stoked about that. I am not quite that much of a morning person. I am really good around 7-8. My goals for the rest of the evening are to bust out some book jackets, talk to a friend or two, work out, and get to bed relatively early. Tomorrow's goals are to find some jobs to apply to, work out my financial situation for the month, send some mail out, work out, and spend some time with the Lord. I have been neglecting my walk lately. I really need to get it together. I really need to learn priorities and fast.

Things are going alright but I am learning that I focus too much on the future instead of keeping my goals in mind. I need prayer to remember the comittments I have made and stick to them. I am really hoping for some drive lately. Please keep praying for a new job as it's my last week at Vanguard. Thanks everyone and ~shalom~

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