Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Feeling weird today

Good day everyone. Have you ever had a feeling like you might be getting sick or something but you don't feel sick yet? I am having that kind of day. I feel really groggy but not sure what's going on. I waited a really long time last night to eat because it was my birthday and there was birthday stuff going on but seriously, not feeling quite right.

My birthday ended up being glorious. I got home from work and my BEST FRIEND in the entire world came over sporting flowers, a turtle (I am in love), a sweet card, a cd, and a little added bonus suprise after all was said and done. I had an amazing time. Joel was the sweetest kid ever to me yesterday and one day of sweet Joel is worth a whole year of waiting. The turtle he got me is the cutest little guy in the world. He has big green eyes like me. His name is Joel because he has a big head and well....guess that is self-explanatory. ha ha

After Joel left, Heather and Josh came over and I love my sweeties and they spent time with me. Heather took me for some late night tacos and we can't complain with that. It was such a great time and overall the birthday got so much better. I appreciate all of you who wished me a happy birthday and made my day a little brighter. I appreciated all the cards, e-cards, gifts, and mostly your time and thoughts. I find that time = love with me!

Guys, I want to take a moment and just wish two people a happy anniversary today. Today Josh and Heather have enjoyed each other's companionship for a whole year! Please let them know you are thinking about them today if you know either of them! They would be glad to hear from you. They are having a good day so far and Josh is pretty busy but they are going to have a great night I am sure.

Again to everyone reading this, thank you for 24 great years (or however long you have been around). I truly saw your love yesterday and it is exceptional. Have a great evening all and as always ~Shalom~

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