Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday --full of things to do

This friday has been packed with things to get done. This morning I had to take Chris to the Boys and Girls Club but his mom has him for the weekend so I guess I have some time to myself. I then had to go to the bank, take a shower, do laundry, and get to school for a floor moms event. We built these survival kits today that are for the new students so that they will feel welcome on "welcome week" imagine that. We had some fiasco with not enough erasers and bandaids and it was funny.

After that I chilled with Heather in her office most of the afternoon looking at her new laptop and hearing all about her life. I love that girl, we keep each other going for sure. After work I headed to Sears portrait studio to get my photos I took a while back. They were really good and I am excited about them. There is a page on my web-site with the pictures so make sure and stop by and see them. They are under the heading "Erica's Sears Photo Shoot."

After Sears, I went over to Borders to do some damage with a giftcard I got from Markita for my birthday. I ended up buying a new workout dvd that is a hip hop dance aerobic workout. That should be fun for me and get me dancing again. I also bought a planner (how mature of me) and I got a friend from Texas a Newport Beach postcard. He'll like it I am sure as it makes Newport Beach look like paradise. Oh well, isn't it?

After Borders I went by Target to spend my other giftcard from Heather. I had used about 1/2 of it developing some pictures the other day but I had enough to buy a new cd so I got the Twista cd. If you don't like rap you probably don't know who that is. I really love the cd and it's fun dancing music. I like something like that to drive to.

After all of that shopping maddness I came and worked for a while, worked on the web-page, and now I am blogging and going home. I haven't heard from the new interesting boy today but I am sure all is well. I am really excited about the rest of my weekend. I am hanging out with Joel tomorrow afternoon, Jaylie on Sunday I think, and getting Cavie fixed. Please pray for me for finances as it's going to be a tough month.

I would advise everyone to stop in to the web-site as I added literally 7 pages of new stuff. I also updated celebrity of the week, song of the week, movie of the week, and musician of the week. They are all fun places to check out so please stop in and make use of all of my work. I guess that's all I have to say for the day so everyone have a great day tomorrow and take care of yourself. If we haven't talked ...give me call. ~Shalom~

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