Saturday, August 14, 2004

My day was beautiful

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping in to my blog. It's a gorgeous Saturday in Southern California. Today was a big day for me as Cavie got her eye fixed. As stated earlier in the blog, I was in a car accident and a mean vicious girl hit Cavie and caused the headlight and blinker to come out. The blinker was destroyed but the headlight wasn't. Either way there was a big gaping hole where the headlight panel use to be. Today I went to the wonderful people at Carsmetics in Costa Mesa, California and had them repair the light. It looks so much better and it didn't do a whole lot of damage to my wallet either. I am so happy to have Cavie back as a whole and now all I need to do is get some rubbing compound and work out some of the black paint on my car and get those tiny dents taken out. It's not a huge deal so I am just happy because it could have been so much worse.

Later in the afternoon I got to hang out with my best guy friend in the world, which we all know is JOEL! We had a good time just going to Home Depot and having lunch together. In case you wondering why Home Depot, there are two things in my house that need repaired in my downstairs abode and Joel is fixing them for me. I have a closet door that the track is broken and I need a new medicine cabinet. Either way, those are the things that need done and Joel is such a good friend to want to help me. We went to price supplies at Home Depot and I totally loved it. That is a great store ladies. If you have never been in there, it really isn't that bad. I have found that I really like hardware stores now and auto parts stores. I really like the idea of fixing things myself and/or watching Joel fix them (wink wink) Either way, It was a fun time at the Home Depot. We went and had some subway for lunch and I had this salad that was really good but it took me an hour after eating it to realize that they forgot my chicken! I was pretty astounded that I paid $5.29 for some greens. Oh well, move on Erica!

It was amazing because this morning I got on the scale and I was 4 lbs lighter. I don't know if that is particularly healthy or not but I am so stoked about being 224 lbs now and not 336 so I am ok with it. I am hoping for a 2 lb weight loss each week so that was huge for me. I covered 2 weeks in one. I know that won't happen very often so I am kinda marinating in it today. Overall, doing really well with the weight loss and dreaming of being in a bikini when I am done. Don't worry all, you'll see because I will wear it to the grocery store, in the snow, etc... Just kidding

My night was pretty uneventful except for I met a new interesting person. I am meeting some really great people lately and God is defintely opening doors for me to understand my strengths. I am just being patient for his perfect timing and perfect people to come into my life. By perfect, I don't mean flawless...I mean right for me. Anyway, a big thanks to Joel for a great day with him and a big thanks to everyone who is praying. Still looking for a second job so keep the prayers going. Have a beautiful day all and ~Shalom~

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