Friday, August 06, 2004

I'm better..I think

Today is Friday people and I am happy about that. Today is my last weekday before my birthday. I don't know if everyone knows this but I am WAY into my birthday. I always love my birthday. I love that one day is dedicated to attention on ME! I have no idea what is going down for my birthday because I'll find out in accordance to who loves me...but either way I am determined to have a good day and be happy that I am alive and better this year.

Today has been pretty good. I met with Jaylie's therapist today and found out some disturbing things that have been happening in her life so please keep Jaylie in your prayers. I took my pictures this morning to get developed so they will be ready on Sunday but I have to wait until I have money to pick them up which may not be until Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait to get them back as they will be soooo hot with Joel in most of them :)

I really need prayers for a new job. I am done at the library in just 18 or so days and I am nervous about finding a second job to supplement the nanny income. I am really worried about not making enough to live. I have no idea what is going to happen but just be assured I need your prayers! Everything is going well at the library and on Monday my girls are taking me out to lunch. You gotta love them!

Today has been a total relaxed day. We haven't had a whole lot going on or getting done here in good old O. Cope Budge Library. Productivity was at an all time low on my side of the cubicle today. Oh well, it's friday!

Guys, I really miss home right now. I miss my family, Jarrid, Carrie, Hailey & Riley, and of course persimmon puddin'! I am really longing for a week at home. That's all it ever takes for me to get over Indiana. I mean I love it because it's home but I don't want to live there again. Let's all just pray that jobs and money work out so I can spend some time there at Christmas because I don't know how Christmas without my family will feel. I don't want to know. I tried to do that in 2002 and it just didn't work for me.

Well everyone, I love you all dearly and hope that this Friday found you all happy and healthy. Please email me soon if we haven't talked or give me a call on my cell! I love you all dearly and ~Shalom~

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