Sunday, August 15, 2004

A relaxing Sunday with treats!

Hello everyone and I hope your sunday is going well. Mine was excellent. I started out my day with a phone call from a friend so that always makes me happy. I then went into work for a little bit and then took Jaylie bowling in the afternoon. This is a good place to ask you all to pray for little Jaylie. She is the little girl that I mentor and she is going through some hard times. I won't be specific on here but she is attending Royal Family Kids Camp this coming week. This camp, in case you aren't aware, is a camp for abused and neglected children. She will be attending and will have a counselor all to herself. This is very important for her as she is really in need of some help right now. Please be praying for Jaylie if you are someone of prayer.

Bowling was a ton of fun and I bowled two great games at 154 and 142. I am not usually that wonderful of a bowler but I was on fire. After bowling I went home and grabbed some lunch and then back to work for an hour or so. I then got a phone call so I talked for a while and then I decided to treat myself to a night out at Old Spaghetti Factory. I love the Spaghetti factory so I was very excited about that. I have to put some words in for OSF right now because they messed up my dinner and I was already at home so I decided not to drive back over there. I ended up calling them and just explaining the situation and they are sending me gift certificates for dinner for two. You have to appreciate a business that corrects their mistakes gracefully. They will forever have my business!!

In other news, I worked until late last night and then got a call from my favorite boy. I love talking to him so that is always a treat. I overall had a great day and am starting this week with new focus. I am trying to realize that my goals right now are serious and important. I need to remember the three goals; weight loss, financial independence, and grad school. Those are the focus of the week and I will write about how those things are going throughout the week. I called on the two jobs I have applied for today and still hearing nothing as they are taking their time. Please pray that God comes through with something soon. I am concerned.

I have Chris some of the week this week so please pray that I will reach him in some way and I can learn him better. I am really pretty nervous about cooking dinner for the two of them a lot. I am not a bad cook but I am still a female who worries about pleasing her audience. Oh well, I am just belly aching at this point.

I wanted to take this time to say a few things to some people. Happy Anniversary to Carrie and Paul last Thursday. I forgot to blog about it but they have been married 4 years! Carrie is my friend from Indiana (from High School) and she is a phenomenal woman with great kids and a wonderful husband. God has blessed her so much and is going to continue to ..I am sure of it. Also, a congrats to Heather Barrington as she now officially has a companion. I don't like to be stupid and say "YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND" but Jason and Heather are officially a couple. I am so happy for her and very excited to meet Jason. I had to blog about it because some day..this blog will be famous. ha ha

Have a great day all and thanks for stopping in ~Shalom~

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