Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today was a blur.

Hi everyone. How is everyone doing this fine Tuesday. I am hoping this finds you all doing well and healthy. My day was absolutely the busiest I have seen in weeks. Today we went to kidnap the R.A.'s for breakfast for floor moms/sisters. We had a great time and our R.A. is super nice and very organized. I like her a lot. It looks like it's going to be a fun first year in Floor Moms for me. We have a lot of fun stuff planned and I am looking forward to it. Later in the day I worked and had lunch at Heather's house with the library girls. We had a great time chowing down on salad and pizza and of course chatting about things that aren't appropriate. It was a great time.

Overall I worked all day and took a mid day nap and that's about all that happened. Oh well, I guess it was a boring day for me but either way, a good one!

Love you all and ~Shalom~

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