Friday, August 20, 2004

Haven't blogged for a few days...missed you

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by today. I haven't blogged for a few days and to tell you the truth, I missed the blog world. It is a release for me to blog every day. The last few days have been especially stressful as I have had Chris and had to organize my life around his. I also had so many errands to run that it has been crazy and hectic. I am praying that I seriously learn a routine soon and feel structured. I certainly don't feel that way yet. I am feeling rather worn out and pretty confused as to what my life will bring from here.

I haven't gotten a new job yet for the school year with Chris so I really need your prayers. Hopefully something will come through though and I will be blessed by whatever God brings me to. I also just want to say how much I know that God has placed me in a place just like this where I can be happy and content no matter where he takes me.

Life is going pretty well. My health is really great and I am doing pretty well on the weight loss trek. I weigh in tomorrow so keep posted on that news. I haven't been quite as good this week as last week but I am certain that God will bless my efforts. I am going tonight for a walk on the beach after dinner so that will be nice and productive for my health. Also, it's great for my emotional stability as it's nice and peaceful there.

Today I had the opportunity to look over some of my passions, values, and desires and I learned so much about me today by just talking with a respected mentor. It's interesting to find out things about yourself.

Well, I am so glad you stopped by and I am sorry I don't have more entertaining news for you. This weekend will be an interesting one. Joel is coming over tomorrow to repair things around the house for me. (I love that man) and Sunday I am going out with a friend so please keep me in prayer for my heart to be in the right place. Thanks everyone and have a great day. ~Shalom~

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