Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A day with my favorite boy!

I am so happy today because God blessed me with time with Joel today. Joel and I were able to have lunch and talk a bit today. It was so good to see him and laugh with him over some good grub! Sometimes when I am with Joel, I forget there is a world out there that hurts me. Joel and I went to Chili's and had lunch today. We had a great talk where Joel stubbornly tried to play the silent game. It was comical. We also were able to talk a bit about things and just catch up. It was so good to see him. Joel is rocking this little goatee right now and it's adorable. Overall, just a great day with Joel.

When Joel and I were done having lunch, we headed down to the Boys and Girl's Club to get Chris. Chris got into a fight today because there is a boy who is picking on him. I have this distinct saddness going through me about how many people are "bullied" at school. It makes me sad when people make fun of other people. I am very proud to say, I never bullied anyone. I never said anything about someone else that would make them cry. It makes me sad to think that kids and teenagers are so cruel. My lil sis is going through a similar issue and it saddens me. It makes me so freakin mad to hear that people think they are so great that they can make fun of others. It is just awful.

Going through my life with numerous "thorns" in my flesh opened me up to a lot of that hostility which I am thankful because I never went through it. I am not going to say that noone has ever made fun of me or made me feel horrible but on the whole, I had a very positive school experience. I cannot say the same for my two sisters. They both have had their share of people being really horrible to them and trying to make fun of their largest weaknesses. I think it is sad when kids are now looking for the ONE thing that will destroy another child. Chris is ADHD as I have mentioned in this blog before. He struggles academically because of this and I should note, has come a long way since I have been nannying him.

In this respect, Chris gets made fun of for his grades or his reading ability etc... Kids are so cruel. I am going to make a distinct promise to myself today that if I decide to have children, they will be pumped with the idea that people's hearts are to be treated correctly and I will always instill the value of human respect on them. I know that a lot of parents do this and some of their kids turn out to make fun of others anyway but my job will be to make sure I make the point clearly that we do NOT make fun of others. It makes me so sad ...really it does!

Anyway, I think I am doing much better from yesterday's post. Sometimes I have these days where I am just sad about the things I have missed or lost. I think I just needed to journal it out and think about things a little. I have great friends who are willing to write me and share their own experiences and how they got through it and for that, I am grateful. I am so lucky to have caring friends who don't just say "Get over it" but totally understand when I am hurting and just let me know the reasons I should get over it. I really appreciate that!

Anyway, I will get going but here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday: Wooo hoo, it's black history month!!!!

Learning February 1, 2005:

1. I am apparently a big cry baby! (thanks Steven)

2. I lost a friend yesterday because he no longer wants to be in my life and to be honest, I don't miss him a bit because he was demeaning to me!

3. I have really great guy friends and totally awesome girl friends and I am so lucky to have them.

4. I love my family and I hate when they hurt because I want to be there and fight along side of them.

5. Joel and time with him excites me!!! :)

Thankfulness February 1, 2005:

I am thankful for a great talk with Richard last night. Richard and I are not only employee and employer but also really great friends. We had a great talk last night and I learned some more things about him. I have learned that I utterly enjoy having talks with him and knowing him and he is a great person! Please keep Richard in prayer as he is going through a hard time in his life. I am so grateful to God for Richard and his home and mostly his child. I am also grateful that he trusts me to share with me. Thank you God for this great boss, job, house, and child to be with!


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