Wednesday, February 23, 2005

no drama and loving it!

Today my life is drama free. I have finally came to the point where I eliminate drama therefore I never have to experience it. I go into things honestly and never accept someone elses drama for my own life. I love that I am healthy enough to know what's good for me and know that I am my most important person! I just won't accept anyone's hand me down drama anymore. I love myself entirely too much.

Things in So. Cal are going pretty well. Today is my last day with Chris for a while and to tell you the truth, after 3 full days of him, I am ready for a break. I don't know about this mommy gig at all. It's amazing how much there is to it. The good thing is, there are breaks. Usually you are not in a house for hours with the kid. I am ready for a weekend of fun and that is exactly what is going to happen this weekend!

I have a job interview tomorrow morning and I am looking forward to hearing more about the position and letting you all know the verdict. I am hoping for a second job as I really need the income and I also need the outlet of psychology. I am also in deep desire for a place to go that will keep me busy and out of the fridge.

In other news, Christopher tests for his orange belt in Karate this weekend. He is really finding himself in Karate and doing really well at it. His birthday was kinda disappointing as it rained and he wasn't able to go paint balling as he had hoped. I think his dad is rescheduling it for a couple of weeks from now.

I am starting to lift weights again which is a big thing for me. It always helps me burn more calories and fat and makes my body take on a better shape. I am enjoying it so much and tonight is lower body and abs so I always feel great after that. Last night I did upper body and abs and it was great. I also do cardio every single day. Cardio is essential for a chubby!

I haven't touched the scrapbook in a few days but I am going to get back on it tonight. I am hoping to do a few pages of text as I am trying to write about each page I make. It's a great scrapbook so far and really honors the people in my heart.

My family seem to be doing ok. Britt graduates high school in about 80 days. She is really excited but scared and sad at the same time. My mom is doing a little of everything at the grocery store and I am hoping she will find her niche somewhere. She is good at practically everything so I am sure she will. Hill is the same as always and has been winning poetry contests and photography contests. Britt won one also so they are both terribly talented and creative.

My friends from out here seem to be doing well. Heather and Josh are in London for a semester and I hear from them frequently and they are doing well and experiencing a lot of new things. Joel got back from Hawaii the other day and will be heading to Costa Rica in March. He is a big traveller which is great. He is pretty much healed from the tumble he took a month ago. Hannah will start teaching me and Christopher piano on Monday. I am excited about this as not only will I learn piano but I will get to see Hannah once a week.

My friends from back home seem to be ok too. Jarrid is working in Bloomington now and seems to be healing more and more each day. Carrie is working hard and raising her two little ones well as always. I heard from Mike today (Neves) and he has recently got a job in Florida and is doing well out there and settling in. He likes it and it looks promising for him to be there and get himself together. I love the guy and it's great to have him back in my life.

Well that's the news from the Erica-front. I hope all is well with you. Let me know if anything new is going down. Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning February 22, 2005:

1. Christopher with Medication is a world different than christopher without.

2. I hate video games.

3. I don't like unexpected visitors.

4. I love phone calls from unexpected sources

5. I miss my little sis and wish we could just take a trip together.

Thankfulness February 22, 2005:

I am thankful that Richard gave away one of his cars. It was in my way on the street where I park and was getting annoying. I hated it and it was old and ugly anyway. I am just happy it's gone! I know this doesn't sound like a thankful event but it is!


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