Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Things I learned on the treadmill!

This morning I went faithfull to 24 hour fitness and spent some time on my favorite think tank..the treadmill. I decided today was not a day of rap music but a day of reading. I brought my newest edition of Fitness Magazine and began my trek. I had a great time reading all of the great articles about exercise, fitness, health, beauty and nutrition but one article actually hit me harder than the others. It's title was "7 things you can learn from an ex." I was automatically very interested seeing that I have recently gotten out of a relationship. I decided to read through this and found it very beneficial. I decided to share what I learned from Adolfo, on my blog. It was interesting to read this article. The 7 things they say you learn are below plus my own insights:

1. That you have a dark side: I found out through dating Adolfo that I was a control freak. I hate when things don't go exactly my way and can be very harsh and hurtful with my words. I also learned that I always turn situations to favor me even if I did something wrong. I hate learning right now...

2. Your best physical assets: Adolfo had a lot to say about my eyes and smile. He loved my face and always said how my face was beautiful. He also liked the rest of me but I personally think that came with time. He loved my face though and since knowing him, I have also liked my face!

3. Your worst traits: Adolfo made it very clear that I am a control freak and that I make a crisis out of everything. I also pick a fight when it's least appropriate to do so. Gosh, this is hard stuff!!

4. That you really can't change someone: Amen to this. You should never try to change someone nor think that you will. Adolfo was a breath of fresh air in that he could not be changed. I have learned since just not to pick someone that I would try to change or would let me!

5. What you don't want in your next relationship: I want someone honest and not afraid to stand up to me! This is the main thing I learned in my relationship with Adolfo. I found that I want someone to be the man and be the leader of our relationship. I want him to choose where we eat dinner, what we do for the weekend, and be the most assertive man ever!

6. That you're tough: I have fully experienced the break-up situation over the past year and it was the hardest thing for me to do. Leaving was not easy and I have learned my own strength through it. I almost think, if I left Adolfo, I can do anything now!

7. That every wrong guy, takes you one step closer to the right guy: AMEN TO THIS! I can't wait to meet him, in the mean time, I'll keep learning.

Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning February 7, 2005:

1. It is not polite to cancel a date on the day of, no matter what.

2. Men really do care about people flaking on them. It bothers them a lot.

3. Organization feels so good!

4. I love to work out and miss it when I don't get to.

5. I hate the price of Gas in California!

Thankfulness February 7, 2005:

I am thankful that although my mom isn't perfect, she is always there when I need someone to encourage me or support me with my ideas and dreams. She always pushes me towards my goals and also is there to catch me when I fall. Sometimes, just like other parents, she messes up, but most of the time...she is a great mom and is growing every day! I love you Mom and thank you God!

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