Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A healthy and happy life

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope and trust that all of your V-days were excellent and there was much love exchanged. My V-day went so well I can hardly believe it. I was terribly loved and appreciated and overly happy about my life and where it is. The title of today's blog is "a healthy and happy life" because I realized today that I am headed to that. I will not pretend that I am entirely healthy or even entirely happy yet but I am working toward that every single day. My V-day started like every other day with preparing breakfast for Christopher and getting him off to school. I had made a special lunch for his v-day picnic at school and gently reminded him to give out his valentines..even to the kids he wasn't sure about. (It's funny how kids think)

After the drop off, I headed to my new favorite place, 24 hour fitness. I saw my favorite gym guy and went ahead and started my workout on the stationary bike. I did 2 miles and then headed to the treadmill for my normal 45 minutes. I decided to read a book by Ann Rule on the treadmill yesterday and it is disturbing but entertaining nonetheless. After my workout I headed home to work on my other goals. I blogged, journaled, checked and returned emails, did a little work on my web-page etc...until the flower guys came. I got flowers yesterday and felt very special upon receiving them!

I then worked on my other goals like following up on jobs, looking into South Coast Children's Society, and praying. I spent time in prayer and felt very good about the way my relationship with God is moving. Yesterday I didn't complete all of my sub-goals and I figured that would start to happen and I would have to fess up on the blog. Yesterday I did pray for 30 minutes, however did not read my Bible. I did work out as charted, did journal about my mom, and looked into South Coast Children's Society. I have to go into their office today to apply for a job so that is my afternoon goal today to finish that goal. Here are my sub-goals for today and my progress thus far:

1. Pray 30 minutes and read 2 chapters of the gospels (to make up for yesterday): not done anything on this goal yet.

2. Journal about hurtful things that have happened with my mom: I always journal right after blogging.

3. Work out 45 minutes on treadmill and try something new at the gym: I did my 45 minutes and listened to a book on cd while I walked. I am listening to Ellen Degenres' book which so far is really funny. I also worked out my arms with dumbell moves today and felt silly for the first time but also very happy because my upper body needs a workout.

4. Apply to South Coast Children's Society: going to do this after I get my shower this afternoon.

Anyway, I worked in the afternoon with Chris on homework after Karate, fixed dinner (barbecued chicken for the boys for v-day), and read with Chris to end work. I then got a call from one of my favorite girl-friends, Hannah. I love Hannah so much and she is one of the easiest friendships with a female I have ever had. I adore her and thank God so much for her. I also got a call from one of my guy friends, Ryan. He is a fairly new guy friend but one I cherish and I am getting to know more each day. We decided we are going to hang out on Friday night so I am pumped about that. I also talked to my mom briefly and then got a call from another guy friend, Jason. Jason is a bit more difficult because I am highly attracted to him physically so being that I am Erica, I have to be so guarded with him. Hopefully we will be able to get past this and develop a really deep and intimate friendship. Who knows!

Basically, I was blessed with a lot of interaction with great friends yesterday, a great day of accomplishment and movement on goals and dreams. I was very happy to report that the day left me feeling motivated, grateful, and no regret. Thank God!

Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday as well as another picture of someone I love very much!

Learning February 14, 2005:

1. Valentines Day is just a day and there are ways to ignore the aspect of romantic love and focus on people that you love with a pure heart!

2. A year after a huge decision feels good when you know you made the right one.

3. Friends are the greatest gift that God has given me in my life.

4. I am building really healthy female relationships and I am so proud of myself.

5. I love my Hannah a ton and I am looking forward to seeing her more often.

Thankfulness February 14, 2005:

I am mostly thankful that God has gotten me through the last year without buckling. I had the power to really mess up my decision and do things that would cost me a great deal in my heart. As true as it is that things have changed in the last year and I have done things I shouldn't have, I have also really overcame a tough break-up. I move toward more and more healing every single day and learn more about what God wants for me. I am thankful for 6 years with someone who adored me and cared for me but more importantly, I am thankful for a clean termination of that same relationship. Thank you Adolfo for the many beautiful and challenging years and Thank you God for my release!

Here is a pic of the love of my life, my little sis Britt! Enjoy her new tongue ring!


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