Thursday, February 10, 2005

New way to step up the goals

Anyone who truly knows me, knows I am all about goals. Goals are a part of my everyday life and I love being able to cross something off of the list. This is my personality and to be honest, it's not for everyone. I do this because when I am being really realistic, I am one of the least driven people to get things done. If I don't push myself, I will stay complacent. Fortunately, my driven nature overrides my lazy nature and I push myself daily. Last night I sat down to work on my weekly goals because I have found that my resolutions are going to pass away if I don't work on them more directly. I decided to seperate my life into 4 categories (for now). I seperated it into spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental. These are all important facets of my life and I started by listening things in each category that I wanted to accomplish...for example: (these are just examples and there are pages and pages of this)

--Pray each day
--Read Bible daily
--Find a church and attend faithfully
--Rule out all profanity from language


--Heal from break up
--work on female relationships
--build healthy male relationships
--work on relationship with dad


--lose excess weight
--exercise daily
--eat breakfast daily
--take multivitamin daily


--Get a job in the field of psychology
--Learn more about the field of psychology
--Grow intellectually through learning new things
--Keep up with reading to keep mind sharp

These are just basic examples of what I did last night. Some of the goals were a full page or 2 pages long. I have several steps to becoming the woman I want to be and although I will never be there, I will come closer until I go home to be with Jesus. So anyway, after diving into that, I then broke each day down. I made goals for each day based on the 4 categories and they are tiny little small goals just so I am moving in the right direction. Anything above those goals that is overachieving! I feel very moved by this strategy and will be blogging about it just so we can see the difference from January and February using sub-goals. You know you are reading a blog of a psych major when it involves goal setting, improvement to self, and behavior modification. It's amazing to me how well suited I am to this major! :)

Anyway, today's goals are as such:

1. Pray for 30 minutes in the morning
2. Write a journal entry about how I feel about Adolfo
3. Join 24 hour Fitness as an actual member (in other words, pay dues)
4. Look into Olive Crest and apply for a job there!

Ok, well to update you on the goals so far, I got up this morning and spent from 6:50 until 7:35 with the Lord in prayer. It felt hard and I was very challenged to talk with him based upon my recent life. I, however, immediately started praising him for the amazing things that are going on in my life, regardless of the hardship. I spent much of my time in repetance as is expected and of course, interceded for all of you! My prayer time went really well and it's a first step to being back in communion with God.

I have not been able to sit down and write my journal entry yet just due to it only being 11:00 in the morning and I have been running and doing numerous other tasks. I will report on this one tomorrow.

This morning I met with my favorite 24 hour fitness guy, Jason, and signed my contract and paid my dues to become an actual member of 24 hour fitness. I love this gym and I love the way I feel after a great workout so now that I am paying for it, I figure I will stay more true to it. Especially with my current financial situation. I am proud of myself and I think I will go later when I get off work for a leisurely treadmill walk. It sounds like fun while I read a book.

The last goal, I actually just finished before starting this blog. I filled out an online application for Olive Crest and included my resume. We will see how this pans out and if I get a call. I will keep you all updated on this and Autism Solutions. Overall, I feel very focused and driven and feel that the sub-goals are going to help things out. Here is to a new year and a new me! Have a great day everyone and enjoy my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning February 9, 2005:

1. An hour in the waiting room of the orthodontist can be enjoyable if you bring an Ann Rule book.

2. My body is not happy when I ingest pork in any way. (had a small amount of sausage in a breakfast burrito and it killed me)

3. Chris (and I imagine other children) love talking about their classmates, and you should listen and get to know names and small factors. Always be a good listener to a child.

4. Men find it very important to look professional.

5. Goals make me feel motivated and center me in a more focused way.

Thankfulness February 9, 2005:

Today I am going to mix it up a bit. I am thankful for myself today. I am thankful that God has made me to be a great communicator. I am thankful that I am motivated and driven toward greatness. I am thankful that I am a good friend who stays in touch and cares about the well-being of my friends. I am thankful that I am a good listener and a good person to give advice. I am thankful that I am forgiving and confrontational when it matters. I am thankful that I have a cute face and expressive eyes. I am thankful that I care about my health and work to improve it. I am thankful that I take care of myself before taking care of others. I am thankful that I am learning from my mistakes instead of repeating them. I am thankful for being me today! :) Thank you Jesus for your help in making me the Erica I can be proud of!


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