Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm back for today! :)

Ok, I am back. I had to run to the bank and do a few things before writing my post for today. As I said in my last post, I am having difficulty with being entirely too dependent upon food. I am frustrated with it and hopefully I will get better. I have been going to the gym and working out so hard but you know, it's a pain when you can't get your mouth to stop eating. I will probably get better when I have a job during the day and can get away from the fridge.

Anyway, things have been ok. I am gearing up for a job interview I have on Thursday for an actual psychology position. I am stoked about that. I am hoping that pans out and I am offered a position. The main problem is my availability with having chris most of the day. I am basically just dating, working out, working, and reading a lot right now. It's a great time in my life to get things done and heal some more about things that have been going on.

I haven't talked to Adolfo for about 2 months and it is an amazing feeling. I feel like I am finally over him. I don't need to talk to him or hear about his life now. I feel like I can breathe without him again. I have a few people I am interested in but nothing serious as of today. I am hoping to have some better luck and find someone at least that is cool to hang with.

Well here are my learning and thankfulness for the last few days. Enjoy:

Learning February 20, 2005:

1. Sometimes you need a day off from working out. It can help you get some perspective.

2. Naps are great, especially when it's raining.

3. I love my family more every day.

4. I miss my Jarrid and I can't wait to talk to him soon.

5. It's funny how I lose track of people sometimes.

Learning February 21, 2005:

1. I like a great leg workout. It's good to make your thighs burn.

2. The gym is so much better at night when it's just me and a few other people.

3. I love the show staring over...yet again and feel like I never want to miss it. It empowers me.

4. I sometimes need the words of my mentors to drive me to succeed.

5. I am a perfectionist and sometimes it's ok to loaf a bit.

Thankfulness February 20, 2005:

I am thankful for a restful nap in the middle of a dreary rainy day. There is nothing like turning on the fan, closing the shades, and cuddling up in your blankets for a few hours. It makes me feel all better and escape for a minute.

Thankfulness February 21, 2005:

I am really thankful that I have a gym membership. I love going to the gym to get away and spending an hour or two there and working on my body. I leave feeling so energized and better than ever. I am so happy to be able to have the luxury of being in the gym at 10 at night and feeling powerful when I leave. I love 24 hour fitness!!!! Get a membership people..it's amazing


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