Wednesday, February 09, 2005

From a young G's perspective.

Ok, the title of today's blog is just because I was listening to old school snoop dogg in the car and couldn't resist actually using the phrase "From a young G's perspective!" How are you all doing? If I haven't spoken to you in awhile, please email me or call my cell so we can get caught up. Anyway, to update on my life and thoughts, here goes.

Today I talked with a place called "Autism Solutions for Kids." This is a program in Irvine where they help Autistic children and such. It has a really great vision and is something I am terribly interested in. As most of you know, I just recently got my BA in psychology and I am currently looking for a job in the field. There isn't a whole lot of things to be had in the field of psychology with only a Bachelor's but even though that is true, it is my passion and I am not living unless I am into it.

When I met with my professor last week, she suggested I give this place a call. They are looking for part-time help and I am looking for part-time work. It's a match but we'll see how it turns out. They currently have my resume, cover letter, and references and I just have to wait by the phone so to speak. Until then, I am also going to look into some group home and psych hospital options. I have decided that in my day time hours, I really want to be doing something within the psych field. I can't honestly LIVE without doing something psych. That is when you know you have a passion for something. Christopher is actually quite a challenge to my psych knowledge in that I have to use behavior modification to moderate his homework and behavior with ADHD, but either way, I want more! So that is the news on the job front.

Life other than that is going as well as can be expected. I am feeling much better from my recent kidney issues just due to consuming gallons of water to see myself through it. I am still not doing very well spiritually and that is my own fault. I am really dragging my feet on getting back into my Bible and praying and finding a church. I realize that the spiritual life is a lot like a bar stool and if you lose one of these legs, your stool falls stool is currently a seat on the floor. I have no legs holding up my spiritual life and I know that. I really need prayer for me to get my butt in gear!

Work with Christopher is going really well. He will be 12 next week on Thursday the 17th. We are doing really well on new medication and he seems to be picking up responsibility a little at a time. Parenting is so stinkin rewarding it is unreal. I know I am not his mother but I spend a lot of time with this child and for all intensive purposes, I help raise him. He is quite honestly one of the joys of my life. I adore him and love watching him get better and learn new things.

Also, I had a very joyful experience yesterday in finding out that one of my friends has decided to take a new step in his life. I am very proud of him and I am praying him through this change. I know that he is good at everything he touches and I will see him through this for sure! I should note that for any of you that feel a certain tug to take a new step in your life, always do that! It's so powerful to take a step forward.

Exercise and eating are going well. Weight loss this week was 4 lbs gone and I was so happy. I lost a lot of the water retention I had gained from being sick and saw some payoff from working out as well. I love 24 hour fitness and love going there daily. I am looking forward to trying everything there and really getting my body in shape and healthy. I love new improvements upon my life and I am so happy that I am doing it for myself. There is no man in my life to do it for, so it has to be for me!

Men are a subject best left untouched (in more than one way) so I will not even go there today. Just know my heart is in the same place and I am seeking the Lord on his direction in that. I just need to hit the floor in prayer and start focusing on my spiritual life more! Thanks for stopping in today folks and check out my learning and thankfulness for yesterday!

Learning February 8, 2005:

1. My friend (who I love dearly) really does care what I think about his life.

2. I miss Travis Lawson and I need to call that guy!

3. Being away from everything you know can be good in that it makes you appreciate people, things, ideas, culture, etc...that you do know.

4. I love my new hobbie of scrapbooking. It feels good to me!

5. American Idol is a great show, I wish I would have gotten into it before. I am going to start watching it!

Thankfulness February 8, 2005:

I am thankful that although circumstances are not perfect, I still have Kevin as a friend. I am grateful that he is a great friend and we can talk and not feel weird. I am thankful that he is doing things that he needs to do to get his life together and has found someone to spend his life with. I am so thankful for all of the things we have experienced together and that the friendship will continue from here! Thanks Kev and thanks God :)

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