Thursday, February 24, 2005

Job interview update

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday. I have mentioned this before in the blog but Thursday is one of my favorite days. I have no idea why it always feels good but it does. This morning I had a giant surprise on my way to my job interview. I got a call from London. I was able to talk to Heather and Josh this morning which was magical. I love them both so much and it was awesome to be able to hear their voices. As you all know, they are currently studying abroad in London. I was stoked!

My job interview went well. I learned so much about the position and it looks like my availablity might hold me back from gaining a position there immediately. It's something I am terribly interested in and I am wondering if there is a reason I was there. I really hope I will at least gain some hours there or something because it's an amazing job. I also learned that there is a program where they teach young autistic children the fundamentals of soccer and they were interested in me working with that program. I used to know NOTHING about soccer but since meeting Josh and watching his games, I might be able to pull that job off.

Today through Sunday I am off work and happy about that. I need some leisure time and I am sure to get some this weekend. I am going to read, scrapbook, watch tv (desperate housewives), go on dates, and enjoy myself in the things I love like working out and going to the beach. I am looking forward to a few days of just being me! I realize that months ago, I could not have said that statement at all.

I sit now waiting on the piano tuner. He is going to be here at 2:00 and that should be good. The piano will be all ready for mine and Chris' lessons with Hannah. Hannah doesn't really know she is going to be teaching me too but I am going to sit in on all of his lessons so I will learn alongside him and be really excited about it. I love the idea of learning the piano and I hope I pick it up fast or at least at all. :)

Well that is where I am at for the day. Please keep me in prayer to find a psych position that fits my schedule and works with my interests and skill. I need a job soon! I love you all so much and have a great day! Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning February 23, 2005:

1. You can win back enemies in business by inviting them to Vegas and paying for them to stay in the 4 seasons! :)

2. A new porsche is a lot of money!

3. Piano tuning is expensive.

4. There are people with lives like mine and they live with the same pain.

5. Life is interesting when you observe it and analyze it. Don't let your life pass you by without taking a look into it.

Thankfulness February 23, 2005:

I am thankful that I finally was able to talk some things out with my mom about the "wedding." Many of you know that in 2001, Adolfo cancelled our wedding the day before it was supposed to happen. This is a deep wound in me not from Adolfo but from other people who were around when it happened and how they reacted. I figured out last night that I really need to work through some of that. Thank God for the talk with my mom!


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