Thursday, February 03, 2005

Update on resolutions for Feb.

Hey everyone. Today I decided since it's now February, that I will go ahead and do a quick report on how I am doing on my resolutions. I think that often times we let the resolutions go by February and then we never complete even one of them. This year I am going to update every month so I know what's going on. I am not going to guarantee that I will meet every resolution but I will sincerely try and look at the bright side and look at improvement more than completion! Here is the run down for now:

1. Lose the rest of my weight: I have been really struggling in this area since getting back to California after the holidays. I gained some weight in Indiana and ended up starting out my resolutions at 240 lbs. I have basically stayed the same and gained a few here and there. I weigh in every Saturday so I will be keeping it posted on the blog. I am working out at the gym every single day so hopefully things will pan out. Please keep praying for me as I really want to get to goal at some point! :(

2. Decide where to go to Grad School and apply: I have not even come close to doing this resolution. As a matter of fact, I haven't decided whether I am going to apply for Grad School this fall or next fall. I need some time to pay some bills off so I don't have to work so much through grad school. Again, something I really need prayer for.

3. Get into graduate school: Obvious from data above!

4. Get a second job that I don't hate and make at least $3,000 a month: I have no second job yet. I have visited several agencies to try to get hooked up and to be honest, have been fighting illness for over a month so the search is slow. I am hoping to put it into Turbo next week as I will have more time and more patience.

5. Pay off the Cavie in full and save $200 a month after I pay off: I found out recently that the Cavie isn't paid off until Christmas Day 2005 so I have this whole year to get it paid off. I am working on this currently and it shouldn't be too bad although I am concerned about getting the bills paid with no second job.

6. Go home for Britt's graduation in May: Obviously I can't complete this task yet but I need prayer for provision to be able to afford a plane ticket to get home and time off from work.

7. Pay $250 a month on accumulated debt in an attempt to pay off: Have not even started just due to no second job.

8. Handle Student Loans and make sure they are consolidated: Need to make this a priority soon. I am concerned about this a lot!

9. Find a church that I really like and attend faithfully: I admit it, I haven't achieved this at all. I was going to Rock Harbor for some time and I don't know why, but I can't get myself to go. I need to really find somewhere to go and do it! A goal for this Sunday for sure!

10. Develop a consistent and healthy relationship with my father no matter what: Finally one I can say good things about. My dad's birthday is today and I did everything I could to remember it. I sent an e-card and an email just telling him happy birthday. We email about once a week and I am hoping to continue this. I think I am doing well on this resolution.

11. Learn something new everyday in 2005 and record those lessons in my blog and journal: I have actually achieved this one so far. Even on days where I didn't blog, I went back and did this. I am happy about learning something everyday because it makes me stop in my day and think about learning. It's a good practice to get into and has been interesting.

12. Read through the Bible for the second time around: I have to be honest, I haven't read not one word of the Bible in 2005. BAD ERICA :(

13. Test blood sugar at least once a week throughout 2005: Yet another one I have failed on.

14. Weigh myself every Saturday of 2005 and record in a journal: Yes I have done this one every Saturday. I haven't liked the outcome but at least I am making myself aware so that it doesn't happen that I gain 20 lbs and don't know it!

15. Make sure and tell the people I love that I love them every time I talk to them in 2005: So far I have done this and done very well at it. I was decent at it before I made the resolution but have since gotten very much better at it.

16. Maintain good email and phone contact with my friends and family. At least one call or email per week to each person: Not doing horrible with this one but not doing excellent either. A good reminder that I need to get to some people.

17. Send one random card a month to people I love and let them know what I feel about them: I have actually done this one BUT it's only been one month. Let's see if I can continue it. I have found out, I am not good at keeping goals. I need to pick it up!

18. Buy one dress and wear it out in 2005: Not even close to this goal yet but have been looking at web-pages for the dress I would like to buy this year. It will be at the end of the year at my much better weight.

19. Buy a swimsuit and wear it in front of someone in 2005 (non family member): Not even close yet! Also looking at Swimsuits online so I can see what I want.

20. Have at least 2 professional pictures taken in 2005 to document any weight loss: Obviously haven't gotten any new ones done because me and my family had some done in December. Go to my website ( in order to see them!

21. Maintain web-site well and keep it updated with new photos and news: I have done a good job at this. Go and see it, it's a lot of fun and keeps growing and changing every day!

22. Take as many pictures as I can afford to take: So far have only taken one roll in 2005 but that really is all I have been able to afford.

23. Create a scrapbook of all of my pictures and make those memories last: Haven't even started on this goal at all due to funds!

24. Go on a cruise to Mexico with my favorite Boy!: I am really hoping that this will pan out as money is low and the cost is high but I am still shooting for it. Big dreams die hard!

25. Visit Josh in Colorado during the summer: Just another prayer for money here!

26. Finish reading Atlas Shrugged: Have moved quite a ways on this book, Joel asked me about it at lunch yesterday and I realized I needed to get cracking. It's such a tedious (but excellent) read that it is taking a lot for me. Totally worth it, however!

27. Have Carrie out at my place sometime in 2005: The invitation is open and I just have to make sure and stay on her so she knows she is welcome and it will be such a fun time!

28. Save money for Christmas to be able to get the people I love something great: No saving as of yet, since I don't have a penny to save!

29. Pray everyday no matter how I am feeling or what I am doing wrong. Go humbly before the throne of God daily: I have no kept this goal at all. I have prayed here and there but have really not done a good job on this one in the least.

30. Pay off hospital bills in Collections as soon as possible in 2005: Obviously having money problems so this isn't even begun yet.

31. Eat breakfast every day of 2005: Doing pretty well on this goal, have maybe skipped breakfast 4-5 times total. I do well at this especially during the week when I eat with Christopher.

32. Take a multivitamin every day of 2005: Have maybe only missed 2-3 days of this too. Not too bad, usually stay on this. I take one a day weight smart.

33. Drink 64 ounces of water every day of 2005: Don't meet this every day but probably close. I only drink water so I drink quite a bit.

34. Work out in some way every day of 2005. This can be taking a short walk, doing weights, aerobics, shopping, etc...but I must be intentionally moving every day: Have only skipped about 2-3 days total this year in working out. I usually go to the gym everyday so that is a huge improvement from working out about 2-3 times a week to now about 5-7 times a week.

35. Lose 35 lbs at least by May when I come home for Britt's graduation: So far, no weight lost from the mark of 240 lbs. I am supposed to be 205 when I get home in May. I really hope I make my goal!!!

36. Work arms out at least 3 days a week due to them being very weak: Haven't done very well at mostly cardio but I am going to start including arms as I know it boosts metabolism to make muscle.

37. Work abs out 4 days a week in 2005. I have terrible love handles: I haven't been doing this I said, mostly cardio. Need to get my booty moving on these goals.

38. Have graduate school application in by February 1, 2005 to Vanguard: Obviously not, the deadline has passed for this goal and I really don't know if this fall is it.

39. Save $10.00 of each paycheck in 2005 at least and place in a savings account in order to develop some savings: Not a penny saved this year. I am hurting financially!

40. Record all spending in 2005 to see where all of my money goes. (my guess is food): I was incorrect. My money goes to bills and gas currently! That's it so far!

41. Get over Adolfo in 2005 by actually dealing with all of our baggage: Am not currently friends with Adolfo at all. Stopped talking to him and haven't for a month. I am hoping this will help me grieve it properly.

42. Have a beautiful V-day in 2005 even if I don't have a date by loving myself: Not happened yet, will update in March.

43. Get dental work done in 2005 fixing my broken tooth and possibly more: Not yet, no money!

44. Limit intake of red meat to 3 times a week in 2005: I actually have done pretty well at this.

45. Eat no pork products in 2005. (sausage, bacon, ham, pork chops etc...)--actually had ham yesterday but hated it....moving out of pork for the rest of 2005: I haven't eaten any pork products in 2005 after New Years! WOO HOO

46. Read at least one psychology type book every two months in 2005...totaling 6 books in all throughout 2005: Nothing yet. I am in the middle of one though.

47. Take lessons to learn something new in 2005 regardless of what it is...piano, karate, guitar, drums, etc... whatever comes to mind: Nothing yet. No money yet again.

48. Write one thing each day that I am thankful for in order to fully develop a sense of gratefulness toward God: I have done this everyday...woo hooo

49. Practice giving others space in 2005 by limiting phone calls and things such as that when I feel I have gone overboard: I have really worked hard on this and feel like I am getting somewhere in limiting my pushing of situations. I need more work though, as we all do!

50. Use caution and be protected in every case. Don't take stupid risks!!! (you know what this means Erica): No stupid risks taken. I have been protected in every situation. Guarding the heart and life!

Ok, so that is my monthly progress report on my goals. Doing this helped me to see what I should be working on. Getting a job is of the highest importance as it gets in the way of me meeting a lot of my goals. I could really use your prayers for help in that matter. Here are my learning and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning February 2, 2005:

1. Richard and I are really great friends and I have a good time having fun talks with him.

2. I missed Joel more than I knew and he is more gorgeous every time I see him.

3. Chili's has great Salmon

4. The normal integra exhaust has two chambers instead of just one.

5. I notice a lot of things about's kinda odd.

Thankfulness February 2, 2005:

I am so thankful for my time with Joel. It was amazing as always and left me wanting more. That is the trick to Joel, I have so little time with him that I can't help but want more of him and appreciate all of the little details of his personality. I have no idea if there will ever be anyone I enjoy like I do him. I sure hope so but if not, I am happy having him in my life. He is such an amazing man and helps me with things that are beyond my scope. I appreciate that so much. Gosh, I thank God so much for Joel! :)

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