Saturday, January 01, 2005

11-30 Resolutions for 2005

Good Morning everyone. It is the first day of 2005 and it feels good to have a starting over point. Here are some more resolutions that I would like to work on in the new year. I will also be posting learning experiences every day in 2005 so I know that I am learning something and I won't forget the lessons learned. That will come at the end of each day where I will tell you the 5 main lessons I have learned. By the end of the year, I will have learned 1,825 important lessons. Here are the resolutions that I have thought of....

11. Learn something new everyday in 2005 and record those lessons in my blog and journal.

12. Read through the Bible for the second time around

13. Test blood sugar at least once a week throughout 2005.

14. Weigh myself every Saturday of 2005 and record in a journal.

15. Make sure and tell the people I love that I love them every time I talk to them in 2005.

16. Maintain good email and phone contact with my friends and family. At least one call or email per week to each person.

17. Send one random card a month to people I love and let them know what I feel about them.

18. Buy one dress and wear it out in 2005.

19. Buy a swimsuit and wear it in front of someone in 2005 (non family member)

20. Have at least 2 professional pictures taken in 2005 to document any weight loss.

21. Maintain web-site well and keep it updated with new photos and news.

22. Take as many pictures as I can afford to take.

23. Create a scrapbook of all of my pictures and make those memories last.

24. Go on a cruise to Mexico with my favorite Boy!

25. Visit Josh in Colorado during the summer.

26. Finish reading Atlas Shrugged.

27. Have Carrie out at my place sometime in 2005.

28. Save money for Christmas to be able to get the people I love something great!

29. Pray everyday no matter how I am feeling or what I am doing wrong. Go humbly before the throne of God daily.

30. Pay off hospital bills in Collections as soon as possible in 2005.

Ok, there are some new resolutions. I am keeping them coming. There are 365 days to complete all of these things and I think I'll do it. I am very confident in my ability to achieve all of my goals. Well, have a beautiful 1st of January and stay on task this year everyone. I love you all dearly!


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