Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Catch up-- Jan 23, 24 and 25!

Hey everyone. Sorry I have been M.I.A for the last few days. I have been busy with job interviews and mostly just down. Here are my learning and thankfulness to catch up:

Learning January 23, 2005:

1. One of my favorite things is picking Christopher up and spending an hour in the car with him on the way home

2. Music really is the reason I have a good time sometimes

3. God is amazing and draws me to him no matter what I do.

4. After 6 days of great workouts, a 7th day requires some rest --- God had something going there!

5. I would recommend seeing the movie Jersey girl with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Liv Tyler...(and it's awesome because George Carlin is in it)

Learning January 24, 2005:

1. Steven really is a lot of fun and I find out new things about him every time we hang out.

2. I have grown up a lot in the last week!

3. It's interesting what taking a huge step will do for your self-confidence level.

4. My new friend Kevin has a great heart for children and I admire that.

5. There is much to say for a man who will give of his own time and teach little ones!

Learning January 25, 2005:

1. Physical exhaustion almost feels good.

2. Richard is a great father and makes so much sense when disciplining Chris. I am learning what a father looks like.

3. Jason is a great friend because of his honesty level. Sometimes it kills me, but it's good. Just like Joel, I will have to get used to it.

4. The movie Bounce is just great! What a great film with Affleck and Paltrow.

5. I might be slowly falling in love with Ben Affleck. I used to hate him but these last two movies I have seen, have made me into him. He is white...can you believe it?

Thankfulness January 23, 2005:

I am thankful for my spiritual gifts. I have the spiritual gifts of affirmation, intercession, and discernment mostly but there are a few others. I am really happy to have these gifts because although sometimes I need affirmation...I am great at giving it and making others feel good about their strengths. I never blow smoke up someones rear end but I Certainly tell them when I am impressed with them. God has trusted me with some great spiritual gifts and I just wanted to take this time to thank him!

Thankfulness January 24, 2005:

I am thankful for feeling beautiful when I am not the most perfect female. I can currently look in the mirror and see the beauty that God made. I can see the good qualities in myself and I can see the improvements I have made physically. I can finally see that I will be a great wife and mother (thanks to a friend and his spiritual gift) I can see the person deep down that really is there. Thank you God for a glimpse of the me that you see!

Thankfulness January 25, 2005:

I am thankful for 24 hour fitness. I am thankful that Jason (my rep.) is the coolest guy ever and has made me feel at home at the gym. I love going to 24 hour fitness and working out for an hour or so. I love the way I feel when I leave and the way I feel welcome when I am there. I love walking/jogging on the treadmill and pushing myself to new levels. I love that even if I don't lose a pound, I am getting healthier. I am thankful that health and fitness have become a priority to me!

Have a great day ya'll and be thankful and learn something!

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