Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I need a job!

Have you ever noticed that you do stupid things more when you aren't busy? I love being busy. There is a great thing about just being completely and utterly busy and then having only a few days off a week. I like the busy life. Yesterday was kinda busy with things to do but I still have too much free time for me. I would like to have a job that takes most of my day and then a great guy to take the rest of it! :) Is that too much to ask? Probably huh?

Yesterday ended up being pretty good. I cleaned out some of Richards office and had Chris in the evening. I made a really great stir fry so I was pretty happy with myself. I love to cook. That is one thing that is completely female about me, I just love to nest...cooking, cleaning, etc... Kinda weird being that I am Erica...but oh well.

Today I am going to hang with a friend in the afternoon, job hunt a bit, and have Chris this evening. I am looking forward to getting to hang out with friends soon. I haven't seen my friends since I have been back. Josh and Heather left yesterday to go to New York for a few days and then they are off to London. I won't see them for several months and I will miss them so much! I talked with Josh last night as he was getting on the plane and we might talk once more before he heads overseas. I am so sad that I won't see him or Heather for that long. Oh well, absense makes the heart grow fonder right?

I didn't do a whole lot last night. My muscles were so sore from the night before that I fell asleep and didn't work out. I feel kinda bad but I will work out tonight and make up for it. Well here are my learning experiences for yesterday and my thankfulness:

Learning January 10, 2005:

1. I really enjoy Vertical Horizon. I bought their cd when they were new and went to see a show of theirs (sister hazel opened up) and I popped their cd in the car yesterday and still love every song on that cd. Whatever happened to them?

2. I like Brown rice better than white rice. I had it yesterday for the first time and noticed the difference. It even tastes healthier.

3. There is a lot that comes with being wealthy. It's amazing how many bills you accrue as an adult.

4. I love living in California regardless of the rain but man it sucks to not see the beach for days.

5. It is never a great idea to wear a Karate Ghi in the pouring rain if it's white. Just a note!

Thankful --January 10, 2005:

I am thankful for random text messages from a sweet boy. I like getting texts from someone I like even if they are just growling about their computer not working. I think it's great to hear "Back in Black" by AC/DC because he is writing me a text. It's amazing how little things make me happy. I am not hard to please. I am trying to remember these small things because one day you forget them and then ...everything gets harder. I am thankful for the small things in liking someone, the texts, emails, instant messages, surprising calls, etc...his laugh, his smile..oh wait...have I continued. Oh well, he knows who he is!


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