Sunday, January 02, 2005

Indiana ...boring as it gets!

Good evening everyone. It's Sunday night and I am enjoying the New Year and very excited to get home to beautiful California. I leave on Tuesday and get home before 10:00 on Tuesday night. I am excited to hang out with a certain boy, see my friends, and overall sleep in my own bed. I have had a good second day of 2005. I did few things today as it's Indiana and boring as it the title suggests. I woke up and had breakfast with my mom this morning and hung around the house with her and my sisters and finished up my resolutions.

After that I finished watching "50 first dates" and "School of Rock" with Britt and we had a good time. After that we had lunch which consisted of some pretty good spaghetti alfredo. After that Britt and I decided to head to the store to grab some things and rent some new movies since that is all there is in Indiana to do. We rented 4 movies and ended up watching just "Napolean Dynamite" tonight. I have seen it but Britt hadn't. She has to go to school tomorrow for her last semester in High School so she is already in bed.

I went out to my dad's house for Dinner and had a great time hanging with them and watched "Honey" over dinner. I left there at about 9:30 and now I am home blogging for the night before I head out for some prayer and a walk with Jarrid. Life has been good today and I have met all of my resolutions thus far. I have drank a lot of water, been careful about my food intake, going to walk soon, and pray soon plus a few other needed steps on the other resolutions.

I have been sure about learning new things every day of 2005 and being grateful for one thing each day and here are my learning and grateful experiences for the day:

Things I have learned today:

1. I really love eating breakfast with my momma in the quiet of the house before Britt and Hill are up and arguing.

2. I love Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I have always wanted to look just like Drew Barrymore and lets be honest, I would love to marry a jew just like Adam Sandler! :)

3. My sister, Hilliary, is very talented in Needle point and other crafty type things. She is doing this patriotic needlepoint and it is amazing.

4. My mom is a great packer and I wish I could always have her pack my bags because it was so much more efficient when she did it.

5. People will do whatever is best for themselves and will think of noone else. People overall are very selfish and I hope I can overcome that in my own personal relationships.

Thing I am grateful for on January 2, 2005:

I am grateful that God is looking out for my step-mom. My dad and his wife were planning to get divorced and today there was news broke that they are going to work it out. I am very grateful to God for this because my step mom is a great woman and sweet as it gets. She loves my dad very much and has been a great wife and mother. I really wanted her to be taken care of and my dad to keep the vows he made before God. I am just happy that this is going to happen. Please keep them in prayer as things are very rocky at this time. Thank you everyone!

Well, I should get going to pray and walk with Jarrid so everyone have a beautiful night and keep on keeping on. ~Shalom~

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