Tuesday, January 18, 2005

a little off track

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope this blog finds you all doing great. I have been really busy the last couple of days with job hunting and I had a very huge thing transpire in my life so I have been out of the blogging loop. I am desperate for some source of a second income because my life is in shambles at this point financially. I can't help but feel drastic anger at Gary for laying me off right before the holidays to where i couldn't be in California to look for a new job. It just sucks and I am about to lose everything because of it. I am going to need to be in prayer to even make it through the month successfully. To be honest, somethings gotta give!

The days have been wonderful lately and I have been trying to stay on task with weight loss, eating, exercise, job hunting, grad school, etc.. I feel very overwhelmed by all that is on my plate right now but entirely lucky as well because I know this is only for a season. This morning after breakfast and dropping Chris off at school, I went ahead to the gym and did a mile on the treadmill with an incline. I was pumped afterward and felt like I could do anything. The only present problem is this giant Kidney Infection that I currently have. I am literally in so much pain it's unbearable. I get paid this evening so tomorrow (although I can't afford it) I am going to the walk in clinic and get some antibiotics. Working out is a struggle and I just wish I was healthy right now. I could use some prayer and any mercy you might have at this point. Any resources that anyone has that might help, let me know!

Well, I am pretty much doing ok but really in need. Please keep the prayers coming and any encouragement you might have. Have a wonderful day everyone and here is the 16th and 17th learning and thankfulness:

Learning January 16, 2005:

1. Sunday is so peaceful and everyone should just relax on Sunday. It pays.

2. A walk on the beach can be exciting and pleasant but can also bring the ugliest parts of your past right up in your face.

3. I love Corona Del Mar and the people that walk there on weekends. Everyone is so pleasant and working to get in/stay in shape. it's beautiful

4. I like the way my hair looks straight. It's amazing how much better it feels and looks now that I don't wear it curly.

5. I am really impressed with my weight loss when looking at my before picture. It's so nice to go back and think of how far I have come.

January 17, 2005 learning:

1. Some things that people say are really scary and painful, aren't at all but rather really enjoyable

2. A great friend can sometimes be the best person to change your life

3. A call from Joel still lights up my entire day

4. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on this day and I will always remember that ;)

5. Sometimes the least expected people can be very gentle

January 16, 2005 Thankfulness:

I am thankful today for my wonderful home near the beach. I am happy that I can get in my car for less than 5 minutes and get to a tropical paradise where I can run, walk, chill, read, etc.. and have a great alone time. I am happy that I have balboa and Corona Del Mar to enjoy my life on and see great happy and healthy people. I love living here in Newport Beach and I hope God allows me to live here even longer.

January 17, 2005 Thankfulness:

This is going to be very obscure but I am thankful for a new experience. I am thankful for something big happening in my life with someone special. I am thankful that I enjoyed myself through the endeavor and found much courage in the friend. I am thankful that I have a lot of people that care about me and I have a great support system in life. I am thankful that my life is different but unchanged...still happy! That's it ..nuff said~

Well, I should get going to get Christopher but have a great day and ~Shalom~

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