Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday never felt so good

Hey everyone! Happy Friday to you. I am so happy that Friday is here. Not because I have some sort of huge plans or even that I have that much work to do that I need to rest from...but because I like Saturday. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I weigh in on Saturday and I look forward to not only the clarification that my work paid off but also for a starting over point in my weight loss journey. Overall, this week hasn't been that bad in that I worked out some days, ate well all days, and drank a ton of water. I am hoping to be rewarding not for my ability but for my effort. I am praying that daily!

This weight loss thing is so hard for me. As you all probably know, I am a girl who wants everything yesterday. I have a very hard time with patience as I think that a lot of people do. Weight issues are not solved in a day nor are they even solved in a year. It has taken me a long time to lose the weight that I have and now it's going to take me at least another year to meet my goal. I am finding myself very frustrated with how long it's taking and how obsessed the world is with weight. It is so weird how people want you to accept them when they aren't perfect, yet they themselves don't do that! I am not speaking of anyone in particular but I just know that I am a beautiful, talented, intelligent person who is going to bring much happiness to whomever wants to share their lives with me and they are missing out if they don' t decide to love me before the weight loss....instead of after.

Yesterday I went out with a friend for which I didn't drink coffee but juice. I love that juice that they have @ Starbucks. He is a sweet guy and seriously has a lot to offer the world. He is very affirming of my good qualities and I appreciate that about him. In saying that, I should note here that I have learned a lot about myself in the last few days. It's weird how one person can see you one way and you can see you in a totally different light. It's all about self image and the ways you are disguising your best qualities.

We went for a walk down in Balboa and just chilled and talked and it was a really good time. Also, he drives a sweet new Explorer that I loved taking a little ride in. We had a good time talking and laughing and enjoying getting to know each other better. I learned a great deal about him yesterday and liked mostly everything I learned. Just wanted to note that in here because I know he reads the blog and he will appreciate me speaking of our time together.

Today I am just chilling and job hunting and chatting with friends. Overall it is a good day so far and we'll see how my night goes. Well people that's it for today but here are my learning experiences and thankfulness for yesterday:

Learning January 13, 2005:

1. I really like that juice from Starbucks called C-monster. It has a special way of attaching it's flavor to the inner sanctum of my tongue. (I am officially the weirdest)

2. Being sober (as in a recovering alcoholic) is one of the most fascinating things I have ever learned about. It's great to see someone beat something so hard and yet be on top of the world about it.

3. I literally HATE wrapping presents. I am the advocate of the almighty gift bag.

4. Pizza is better for me without pork products. I am happy to report I ate my first pizza yesterday without sausage or ham!!!

5. There is nothing worse than lying. I hate lies. I am having a hard time teaching the concept of being honest to Christopher and it's the one way he makes me crazy!

Thankful January 13, 2005:

I am thankful for the healthy fear that is elicited in a child when you are disappointed in them. Yesterday Christopher lied about some schoolwork and I immediately took the place of angry but have always tried to use my anger well with him. I began to talk to him about the horrible truth about lies and how they never really sidestep anything. He was listening pretty well and we talked about how it makes me feel to be lied to. He immediately was in tears and I hadn't handed down any punishment or anything like that. Christopher has a tender heart and a sweet spirit and it helped me to know that he loves me enough to not want to hurt or anger me. He will make mistakes and yesterday was by NO means the last lie but I am just thankful for a child's heart that is engaged by their true emotions and they are not good at hiding things yet. There is beauty to that.

Have a great day all and ~Shalom~

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