Monday, July 12, 2004

3 days until Colorado :)

Hi everyone, the day is coming to a close and it's been a good restful one. I gave my 8 hours to the library today and I am exceedingly happy because Pam is back from Vacation. Pam, in case you aren't aware, is my absolute favorite part of O. Cope Budge Library! She is my mom away from mom and I appreciate her so much. Today I was able to have lunch with her and I am going to miss her so much when I leave Vanguard.

I have only 3 days until my trip to go and see Josh. I miss hanging out with him so I am very excited to get to have some fun with him for a few days. There are times where I think how lucky I am to know the best men on the universe. Between Josh, Joel, Jarrid, David, and all of my other favorite life is complete. I love them all differently (some of you know exactly what I mean) but seriously, they are the joy of my life. Thanks boys!!!!

Have you ever looked at someone you know and thought, "I seriously don't know anyone better!" I have had one of those moments today and seriously I am so blessed. I have been able to feel that about several people the last couple of days. I am so incredibly blessed in my life. I have these amazing girl friends (Heather, Heather*B*, Pam, and Hannah) and then these amazing men I have previously talked about. How good can one person have it??!!! I am such a lucky girl!

I am just feeling rather grateful today because my life is so full of people and things I love. Granted there are more people than things but I am materially blessed as well. I live in this gorgeous house for free, have great employers (3 of them), and drive the cavie which is barely even damaged. God is so good to me!

Well, I should get off here before you all puke from the gratitude of this post. Enjoy my friends and ~Shalom~

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