Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Naked Nanny

How funny is this story? This morning I was awakened by a friend at 7:00 a.m. Now, it happened to be my current favorite boy so I wasn't so sad about it but welcomed his sweet voice in the morning hours. We had a nice leisurely morning talk about cell phones, dogs, and piano while he played in the background. (my life sounds remarkably romantic but I assure you, it's not) We got off the phone because I needed to get ready to head to work. I began to get dressed and in the middle of that process I was rudely interrupted by one of our housekeepers,*THE MALE ONE*, entering my room to clean.  He was able to see the "naked nanny" for certain. I was so embarassed but he didn't seem that embarassed. I then had to continue getting ready and head to the kitchen for some breakfast (which I took "to go" after that episode) and met him again face to face. I was pretty embarassed. I have no idea what he uttered upon walking in on me because he didn't speak English. So that was my morning.

This afternoon has been better as I have been in a safe zone at good old Vanguard Library. Most of you know that I have been somewhat thrown into financial upheavel recently and I solved another portion of that today. I was really proud of myself for how I am handling things lately. Now, that being said I have barely enough to live on but my bills are getting paid and that's important. I am still in need of another job so keep praying about that.

I am so excited because on Sunday I am heading to Northern California to see Heather. Heather is my last year college roomie and one of my nearest and dearest girls. I am going with one of my favorite boys because he is originally from up north and is going to drop me off on his way. I am very happy that I am not only getting to see Heather but spending some time with him on the ride up and back. My life is full of very wonderful people right now and I am so lucky to have the group of friends that I have.

A lot of times I think of how I am going to be 24 soon, (11 days actually) and I think of how I am not married, don't have kids, don't have anyone *yet* romantically special to me, etc...and I begin to get sad. Well, these are the times when I realize my life is incredibly full. I have a relationship with God that is real and serious. I have great friends in Indiana and California who I keep good solid relationships with. I have family *some* who love me and pray for me. Most of all, I have my health *mental and physical*. I have been released from all things unhealthy and finally have my life together. If being in a relationship means that you have to disregard your personal emotional health, it is completely not worth it. Today is a day where I thank God from saving me from the daggers of divorce. It could have been and I am so glad it isn't!

Well, I should close today's post as it has all been said. Oh yeah, I am so happy because this Friday I am taking Jaylie to the Orange County Fair. It's a really great fair and I am excited to take her and see her have some fun and to have some time with her again. Thanks for stopping in everyone. I love you all dearly and ~Shalom~

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