Thursday, July 08, 2004

Better today, moving on

Hello all, I am feeling so much better about my car accident today. It always makes you feel better once the insurance company knows and your back stops hurting so bad. I should note that I did not miss work after the accident but went and worked from 8-3 the next day at Babystyle and then again from 8-4 today. It's constant running back and forth and on your feet so seriously, hurts the back a little. I am feeling a lot better today though so thanks for your prayers. I haven't heard anything about how much money in damages I have yet and I haven't had an adjuster come and look at it yet. We just contacted the insurance today so the ball is rolling.

I am happy to report I have a day off of babystyle tomorrow and I work all day at the library that I miss so much. I love Babystyle and I am getting really good at it but the problem is I miss my library peeps and the back room. I don't know what's going to happen at the end of August when my time at the library is through. Good thing I am going to stay seeing my girls though because I would miss them :( Babystyle is a mile a minute and keeps me hopping. I love MOST of the people I work with. I only have one problem person and she is not mean, just incompetent. I know that sounds mean but she can't do anything on her own and it's frustrating. I have really picked up the job rather quickly and I am excited to say I have been decent at it.

Everything else is going really well. The night I got into my accident I got to spend some much needed quality time with my favorite pal. I love when I get time with that particular human! Good for the heart ;) I was kinda griping about not getting any time with my friends the other day on here and God blessed me so much with time with my favorite friend! We watched "Blue Collar Comedy Tour!" If you haven't seen this masterpiece, I recommend you going out and renting it. It's a redneck blast!

Life other than that is really great too. Still loving the new house. I haven't really started "watching" Chris yet because he was supposed to go out of state with his dad this week but he didn't so he is with his mom right now. He and his dad will leave Sunday and will get back on Thursday. I leave Thursday to go to Colorado so needless to say, we aren't getting a whole lot of time together right now. I am very excited about getting to know him though and being a part of his life.

Colorado is coming quick and I'm excited to see my good buddy Josh! I miss him a little...I have to admit. I will make sure and post pictures onto the web-site from Colorado as soon as I can. I am also going up really soon to visit one of my favorite girls..Heather. She lives in Northern California so I am going up there for a few days to hang out. I miss her so much as she was my roomie and I was used to seeing her daily. She's the best and I am glad we are getting to see each other. I have some much needed vacation this way. Looking forward to winter when I can head home for a week or two!! Well, I should close this post out for the day as I have blabbed long enough. Take care everyone and I'm praying for all of you ~Shalom~

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