Saturday, July 24, 2004

~One of those days~

Have you ever had a day where you literally thought "I would rather poke a pen in my eyeball and swirl it around than deal with this!?" Well, that's been my day. I am still loving life and joyful in the fact that I have a God that loves me and never forsakes me. I had a very awful thing happen today that would be inappropriate to discuss on the internet but just know that it has been a crappy day! Crappy in the sense of EVERYTHING is going wrong. I am happy to report, however, that it is almost 5:30 p.m. my time and things are beginning to look up. I am quite the Pollyanna when it comes to life. I can see that God loves me and takes care of me regardless of what others do but is crazy today!

The weight loss endeavors took a back seat this morning to a bigger and better crisis. Sometimes I wonder why someone like me (who is low-drama) always is surrounded by drama then I realize, oh yeah, it's who I allow to be drama. A friend of mine is really wise and completely never lets someone get him upset. He doesn't take on the world's problems nor does he allow other people to plague him with stuff. He is just really tough and I am hoping that some of that will come to me and I'll learn it through him and finally be able to just be me and not feel bad about it.

I desperately need to find another job before the end of August so that I can make ends meet when my job at the library ends. Please write me at if you know of anything in my area. I am looking for something that won't be physically exhausting since diabetes has been kicking my rear. I will work as many hours as I need to as long as they aren't exerting beyond what the body can take. I don't care if I have to have 13 jobs tutoring as long as I can make ends meet. I am very determined to be financially independent no matter what that takes.

Everything else is going ok and I am doing really well on my eating habits and exercise habits so far. You can check out my other blogs on my profile which are a food log and exercise log. Fun times! I am really looking forward to taking my mentor girl (Jaylie) to the Orange County Fair next week. I hope she gets to go. I think it will be a blast to go with a kid again. I don't have a lot of funds but hopefully we'll have a good time anyway.

My trip to northern California got postponed at best until next week just due to my car being wrecked and not being repaired yet and my friend who was going to go with me couldn't make it this weekend. Hopefully I get to go and see Heather next week though and her family. I miss my girl and her parents. I am also looking forward to seeing Northern California as a few people I love are from there.

Well, I should get off here and maybe get on with my day. Thanks for listening and ~Shalom~

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