Monday, July 05, 2004

Risky Business put on hold!

Ok, can this story be any more bizarre? I got home from work today after posting my newest blog and my boss was there. Now, the problem is that he was supposed to be taking off from LAX at about 10 this morning. I walked in the house and found that he was not a happy camper. I guess his personal assistant ordered the wrong plane tickets and had him going to Chicago instead of Michigan. Now that's a problem! Without it being thousands of dollars more to go immediately he had to postpone his trip until Sunday the 11th. I am kinda bummed because I was looking forward to having the house to myself but overall I'll get over it. I can't have my friend over now and that stinks but maybe my friend can come over next week and stay with me instead. I really hope so because it will be loads of fun.

I will only get the house to myself from Sunday to Thursday because he is coming back on Thursday and I am actually leaving for Colorado that same day. The days he is gone, I'll be there and vice versa. I was able to spend some time with Chris this evening and he is so great. He is not feeling well so maybe if you think about you could throw some prayers his way because he has a little cold. I am not the mommying type but I gave him some children's Tylenol cold medicine. He said it tasted like chalk and I'm sure that's good for our first couple of days together. I am reminding myself of a mommy already. He is really a sweet kid but he needs more attention than he receives. It's going to be hard on my heart to see him struggle with that and not be able to give him my all either because I have other jobs. I will give him my 100% when I am with him but that's hard when he doesn't really have the ideal parenting situation. Please just pray for Chris and be thinking about his sweet little heart.

Well, I thought I would update the fact that I lost my chance to do the Risky Business scene until next week so please think about me and grieve for my loss. Have a great night all and Shalom!

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