Thursday, July 22, 2004

I hate my life (said in Redneck accent)

My little sister, Brittany has this thing she says when something goes wrong. She works up her best hick redneck accent and says "I hate my life." I feel like saying that so much today. Today has been an interesting day. Last night was good because my favorite boy-friend Joel changed the oil on my car which was much appreciated and Cavie is acting a lot nicer today. The trouble started today when I had to go and resign from Babystyle. I hated doing it because I made decent money and I really liked it. I really need to make myself a priority right now and that includes eating correctly, exercising normally, and sleeping a little more. I have to think about my health right now because my dad said this and it made sense; "Erica, you won't be any good as a doctor if you are on kidney dialysis 3 times a week!"  I have to agree with him. Now for those of you who are confused, I am not going to be a medical doctor but a psychotherapist and that requires me to be a lot healthier. Not only healthier physically but emotionally in my weight loss endeavors.

Let's be honest, I am so blessed to have people in my life who will tell me the truth and not skirt around things. Pam, my favorite library mom, gave it to me straight yesterday and I love her more for being truthful with me. I have great friends and family who are willing to kick me in the rump when I need it. I am sure most of you know that I am a type I diabetic and I really don't take care of it. I went off insulin a while back for monetary reasons and I have been trying to keep the sugar down but not eating is not the way to do that. If I can't keep it down naturally I need to find a way to be back on insulin or at least on oral medication. I have to begin to watch myself diabetically so much because I can be quite the bad diabetic. Overall, I am going to have to make priorities and try to keep them.

Later in the day I had to call my insurance company back home in Indiana to try to handle things with the Cavie's wreck. I spoke with the rudest representative they have who was completely incompetent. She took 2 weeks to contact me for a statement much less handling it. In the mean time, I am driving illegally with one headlight at night when I have to be somewhere. I don't have the money to rent a car or I would. I have no $$ to fix the car and it looks as if it is going to be independent blame. My deductible is $500 which is way more than my wallet can stand to feel. I have too many bills to fix my car presently. I am really bummed about this because Cavie looks so bad. Please pray I can save the money and get Cavie fixed.

Lately I have been working on being a better financial manager but seriously, I need to start being like a friend of mine who I won't mention their name because they might get embarassed. He is the most frugal of all of my friends and seriously uses coupons on everything. I don't believe he pays full price for anything. I could learn a few things from Josh...I mean...him. I love that about him though and he seems to always have everything he needs.

I seriously am going through the largest learning phase of my life. I mean, how much can someone learn about themselves in one year? I am happy to be wiser, single, passionate, driven, goal oriented, and moving up the improvment ladder. Who knows what is next?! Please keep praying everyone for manna or CASH to fall from heaven. I have seen weirder things happen. Well everyone, have a beautiful day and ~Shalom~

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