Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Still loving life...regardless

Hi everyone. This will be my last post for a little bit because I leave tomorrow morning for Colorado. I am so excited to see Josh and have a little vacation before breaking back into the 3 job world. I miss my favorite Josh so much and I can't wait to spend some much needed quality time with him. I love my guy friends so much and use them as a template of what I would want in a man. They each have a few of the characteristics, but none that match completely yet.

BabyStyle is good and things are panning out as I thought they would. I am totally doing great at it and learning the ropes more daily. I really like it as it keeps me busy and I am losing a lot of weight working there. I am also making a good deal of money since I get about 32 hours a week there. I am missing the library quite a bit just because I only get a few hours a day there but I am going to make time to see my favorite library workers!

Life is good other than that. The love thing didn't pan out but seriously, it's better than ok. I am completely fine with God wanting his best for me and nothing less. I have faith that God loves me so much and has this amazing man picked out for me who is everything I would want and MORE! I have to believe that because I don't have time or the heart to look for him. Thank God for friends in the mean time!

Well, I should get going as I need to start packing for my very exciting trip tomorrow but have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping in. ~Shalom~

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