Friday, July 09, 2004

Have an estimate, please fix it :(

Happy Friday everyone! I am glad it's Friday and I got a day off to just work at the library and relax my body a little. Today on my lunch hour I ran over to Carsmetics and got my beautiful wrecked vehicle looked at for an estimate. It has about $630 damage from the wreck on Wednesday. That isn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. My main concern is that I am driving without a passenger side headlight. This isn't a big deal since I haven't had to drive at night all week but that means my weekend is shot because I would have to drive at night. I might get in trouble with the police due to it being out. That kinda stinks!

I honestly just hate walking out to my car and seeing the damage so I'll be looking forward to getting it repaired. They said they could do it in a day and that the damages aren't that bad. Of course, it's not their car so it looks realistic to them. To me, it might as well be smashed up because that's how I see it. I am grateful for how little damage was done and I need to stop being so melodramatic but those of you who really know me, know what this car means to me. Maybe I have something to learn from this little incident...ya think?

I have been considering purchasing a new car recently and now that obviously is going to be put on hold. I can't sell a car with no passenger side headlight. I am looking into buying a new car within the next 6 months. I am thinking about getting an Acura RSX so that's the plan. They are so nice. If you have never seen one, go ahead and go to and look at it. They are gorgeous. That's one of the many cars I am considering but it's the one I am considering most heavily. It will require some work to get it all figured out but I am up for work.

Today I was offered another job but I am seriously going to have to put some prayer in because 4 jobs is pushing it. I mean, I can always use the extra income due to my wreck now and a lot of other financial drama but I have no idea when I am supposed to have fun or sleep for that matter. I am having a hard time finding time for meals currently. If you haven't already checked it out, I have another blog about my weight loss endeavors and I have been complaining on there about that. That blog can be found on my profile. It's just a place that I log what I have eaten and what exercise I have gotten for the day. I am also going to be doing a weekly weigh in on there so anyone who was curious as to HOW CHUBBY I REALLY's there. I am going to weigh in every Saturday. I need to be accountable so that's helping.

I am really motivated at this point to lose weight but this week has just been hard with starting a new job and getting in an accident. OH well, move on and start working some more. Last night was my last counseling session for a while. We terminated therapy which means things are better. Thanks for all your prayers guys as most of you know the things I have had to endure throughout life and more importantly this year. God has really changed me into someone I honestly respect. There was a time (approximately 10 months ago) where I wasn't nearly an individual but today, I am getting there and liking who I am becoming.

I guess my main concerns right now are for my car to get repaired, prayers for my trip to Colorado, financial concerns, and continued healing for my heart and emotions. Take care everyone and thinking about you and missing you! ~Shalom~

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