Friday, July 16, 2004

Colorado/Josh=So much Fun :)

So here I am in Josh's house in Colorado. It's so much fun to be able to see and hang out with Josh. He and I have such a fun time being the judgmental people that we are. It's amazing how you can know someone who is the male version of you. The trip so far is going really well. I had a great and safe plane ride. I had to switch planes in Pheonix. It was not too bad as I only had about an hour layover. The weirdest thing happened from Pheonix to Denver though. I was riding in the plane minding my own business when a (very attractive) guy began asking me personal questions like "How old are you?" and "Where did you graduate college from?" Well, I answered Vanguard just to find out that he was a youth pastor in the Pheonix area who also is a Vanguard Alum. Isn't the world a small place?!
I got to Denver at around 4:00 (their time) and Josh was covered in paint from doing a job painting earlier in the day. I figured out the airport rather quickly and we came back to Josh's house. It's really nice and totally comfortable to stay in. He has this adorable dog (Winston) who really is the chubbiest and cutest thing I have ever seen. (That was true until he woke me up this morning) HA HA
Josh and I went out for dinner at this amazing place that is also in Indiana called Fazzoli's. It's fast food Italian and it's so good. They have unlimited free breadsticks and I always eat baked ziti. It's sooooo good!  Josh always knows how I love to eat! Later on we decided to go to a movie with Josh's friend (may I add here that this guy is beautiful) Dan! We went to see Spiderman2 and it was a decent movie except I can't speak for the 10 minutes that I literally slept because I was so tired. Josh ended up waking me up though and I watched the rest. Not a bad movie at all!
Today Josh has to work for a little bit so I am "Home Alone." HA HA I decided I would blog rather quickly and log my first day in the beautiful state of Colorado. I am really happy because I was hoping it would rain while I was here. For those of you that don't understand this, it's because it NEVER rains in Southern California and I miss the rain. It rained last night so I was happy and the air smelled so clean! I have no idea what Josh and I are doing tonight other than I am watching him play indoor soccer. You all know (most likely) that I love to watch soccer. It's the socks!
By the way, I should note that I had a special boy call me last night and that was fun. He wanted to know when we could "see" each other?! I was pretty stoked. Oh well, for today, I am just enjoying quiet, solitude, no drama, and total fun in the land of Josh McCall. I love my guy friends! Have a great day everyone and Josh, if you are reading this....I love you and your hospitality! ~Shalom~

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